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Healthy for the Holidays

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You will hear me say again and again how much I love the hustle and bustle of this crazy holiday season, BUT there is still so much to keep up with all at once. So I've come up with a list (I love me some lists) of how to stay on track this holiday season. To stay healthy without missing on all the yummy recipes this holiday season is bound to bring with it.

Schedule in Your Workout.
When it becomes part of my schedule, I don't have the excuse that I don't have time because I have already set aside time.  AND having it set for the same time everyday helps me get into a better routine, too.

Drink Up.
Drinking enough water is a must.  When wanting to loose weight (or maintain) it is uber important to be hydrated and taking in a lot of water.  I tend to shy away from water when the weather is colder, but I have two CUTE water bottles on my Christmas list, and one I bought this past week to help me stay on track.  

Growing up my parents always had my brothers and I taking vitamins.  I've started taking Centrum MultiGummies and y'all I feel so "adult-ish" being responsible for my health. Because, duh, its an easy way to stay healthy.  Especially during being on-the-go so much this time of year.  Yet I still get to enjoy the yummy flavors (berry, orange and cherry -- and lets be honest berry is my fave) like I did when I was a kid.  Oh, and its easy to pick them up at Walmart because I'm there all the time (seriously, my students even comment about all my belongings from Walmart -- "you got that from Walmart didn't you Mrs. T")

Eating Habits.
My most successful plan is to be pretty strict for breakfast and lunch, and then it gives me a little extra wiggle room when it comes to dinner.  I've also been stocking up on healthier snacks too.

All in Moderation.
Along with what I was saying about watching what I eat and making sure it's healthy and nutritious for breakfast and lunch.  But not being too hard on yourself.  All in moderation.  Because let's be honest, I'm still about these Christmas desserts and treats.  And most definitely will be indulging every now and then.

And that's my plan.  I have a goal for mid 2017, and putting it into action starts now.  Even with the holidays.  Because if I put it off now I'll just keep putting it off.  The key is to give yourself grace when it comes to the delish food that comes along with this wonderful Christmas season.

So, tell me, what are your tricks to stay healthy when on-the-go?  Do you take a daily vitamin?  What's your strategy for taking on the holidays?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Happy Early Christmas To Us

Thursday afternoon as I was wrapping up at work, I noticed Thomas had texted me "call me when you get a chance."  I called right away and turns out someone at his work knew someone else giving away a nine week old black lab.  What?!

beige choker neck sweater, similar skirt (here and here), boots

I wanted to get a puppy (and we were leaning towards a black lab because his family has several that are awesome family dogs) this Summer but the timing wasn't right.  Or so Mr. T said.  But we got the impression that our little pup might not have had the best home, and they were willing to give her away to anyone good home or not.  

So needless to say Thomas brought her home when he got off work Friday morning and we've been going nonstop ever since.  Homegirl, has me saying "no" 3425 times a day, standing outside in the rain to she will go to the bathroom, and sitting on my living room floor to play more than I've ever done before.  But she's also making me so incredibly happy.  Safe to say I'm smitten already.

Luckily, Thomas has done this whole training a puppy thing before.  So I have hopes she'll grow up to be a sweet, family dog.  

Meet Remi.  

Happy early Christmas to us!

Y'all she is a little spitfire..go figure right?  But she is also so dang sweet.  

Last night, she seriously got scared, as in whining and "taking cover" in my lap because she saw her reflection in our fireplace.  Y'all she never lays in my lap.  She's always playing or laying beside me/at my feet but never on my lap.  She's much to busy for that.  But yeah, laying in my lap she was pretty darn scared of herself but it was kinda cute as well.  (see it on snapchat as well as her witching hour chaos)

Oh, and her favorite past time?  Playing with leaves.  Good things we have about 100543 off them in our back yard.

So, what are y'alls best puppy tricks and advice?  Help a girl out.  

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Unique Gift Guide

Happy Friday y'all.  Is it just me, or all we all it total shock that it's already December?  After today we will officially have two weeks until Christmas break.  Can't say I'm mad about that.  

Oh, anddddd I have some exciting new I'll be sharing on Instagram over the weekend so make sure you're following me on there.  

Several weeks ago I shared my grown up Christmas list, because let's face it, it's always super EASY to shop for yourself.  

And since then I've completed our family and friends Christmas list.  Except Thomas, that is.  Because men are hard to shop for y'all.  And I know some of y'all have some shopping to do still so I put together a unique gift guide for y'all.  Gifts that are for the hard-to-shop-for people.  Like any man you know, or your boss, co-workers and neighbor.  Or maybe you'll just find something you want to add to your own wishlist, I know I did.

All-Natural Candle Addict Co (made in locally in NC)

Unwined by the Sea Candles (by the same company as Candle Addict Co, stay tuned for a full blown post on these)

Avocado Huggers (I seriously want these)

Uncommon Goods is a website I came across several years ago.  I am always entertained browsing through their gifts to see all they have to offer.  To be honest, I feel like it's easy for us to get in a rut of giving the same ole average gift.  And with Uncommon Goods they make it easy to gift a unique gift that will truly wow someone.  Not to mention I recently found on that the majority of their products are made in the USA (win) and every purchase you make they'll donate a $1 to your non-profit charity of choice.  It just doesn't get much better than that y'all. 

Happy shopping friends.

Still need more ideas?  Check out Christmas gifts by category.

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods but all words and opinions are my own.

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C U R R E N T L Y //

Currently I'm..

Drinking: Coffee, coffee, coffee.  The closer we get to Christmas break the more I need caffeine, and the more I wish my sweet sixth graders would lay off the caffeine. ;)

Gingerbread Cupcakes | Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles | Cookies n Cream Oreo Bark (recipe to come soon)

Wearing: This top (under $13!!) is all sorts of amazing.  It is super comfortable and I love the "turtleneck" for transitioning to the winter/Christmas season.  OH, and OTK boots.  I'm loving me some boots lately.

High Neck Keyhole Cold Shoulder Tshirt | SheIn, Burgundy Skinnies | American Eagle (old), OTK Taupe Boots | JustFab

Feeling: Merry and Bright. ;)

Buying: All the Christmas gifts.  Friday I'm posting a not-your-typical gift guide, so make sure to head back over to see some of the things I've had my eye on.

Listening To: A L L the Christmas music.  I recently downloaded Brett Eldredge's new Christmas album, love.

Excited About: Basically everything about December.  We have a bucket list we plan on working through this year.  My friends are coming to town this weekend, and I'm going to see another friend the next.  Christmas break will be here before we know it.  Here's to sleeping in and waking up to the sight of my Christmas tree and a good cup of warm coffee.

Pinning: gifts in a jar / "because I am the teacher..." mug / caramel marshmallow popcorn

Thankful For: all of you!  Thanks for reading loves.

Happy hump day loves.  Can you believe it's the last day of November?  Me neither.  And yet, this most wonderful time of the year is among us.  Cheers friends.

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