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Baby T Weeks 24-25

Due Date | March 25 BUT my guess is our little one will make their appearance March 31st.

Size | Baby T is the size of bottle of wine or eggplant (and side note: my uterus is the size of a soccer ball...wutt!?)  -- 1.5 lbs and 13.5 inches (head to heel)

Gender | It's a BOY! {see our gender reveal here}

Name | Our little dude officially has a name and JCT are his initials

Symptoms |  headaches, heartburn and the never ending trips to the bathroom..

Cravings/Aversions |  I'll take all the Coke Icees I can get.

Hormones | I randonly started crying watching TV this week and have no idea why.  I also cried while I was looking through the baby book I yeah, hormonal.

Weight |  +15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I didn't think gaining weight would freak me out as much as it does.  I know it's all for a good reason, I'm just afraid of gaining too much unnecessary weight.  But I was please I only gained 5 lbs from my last apt...but I have a feeling my appointment right after the holidays will be another story...

25 weeks | Panthers Game

Clothing |  I pretty much just wear dresses to work because that is all that fits.  But I'm loving my maternity clothes, and really am in need of some more maternity leggings.  #priorities

Sleep | I pretty much toss and turn all night long...still need to buy that pregnancy pillow...

Nursery | I said an update was coming last week, but it really is this week so stay tuned.

Purchases | This baby book, several Christmas books, and some swaddles on sale at TJ Maxx.

Fun Fact | At 25 weeks Baby T's can stick his tongue #dead and baby's hair has color now...and if I were a betting woman I'd guess we've got another little ginger on our hands

24 week appointment | 24w3d

Best Moment of The Week | Passing my glucose test, hearing little mans' strong heartbeat, and seeing the Panthers play.

Looking Forward To | Christmas break!!! Only 8 more days!!

Next Apt. |  January 4th

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Mom-to-Be Gift Guide

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas y'all.  And I'm loving it.  I've honestly been in full on Christmas mode for weeks now, and I honestly would keep the tree up year round if Thomas would let me.  I'm convinced the sight of the Christmas tree will n e v e r get old.  Never.

Each year I love making a wish list and several gift guides to share.  I've mentioned before the gift giving is totally my love language, and I get so much joy picking out everyone's gifts and seeing them open them.  BUT this year making my wish list has been difficult given that the only thing on my mind is all things baby.  

SO I thought it was fitting to share a gift guide for the mom-to-be.  It took me a while to come up with these things, but I feel like I've rounded up some real gems and hope they help you add to your list if you're pregnant and on the struggle bus too or you're trying to buy for a mom-to-be this season.

Happy shopping friends.

Comfy and Cozy Slippers | these sound like perfection for pregnancy and when the baby is here.  these and these are great options.

Fuzzy Robe | These colder months has me wishing I owned a robe to curl up on the couch with AND perfect for when the baby is here and all the nursing when he's teeny tiny.

Prenatal Massage | I've never had one but it sounds heavenly

Personalized Jewelry | If you know the baby's name or initial getting a personalized bracelet or necklace is a great route to take.  It involves the baby but you're still pampering the mom-to-be.  Here, here and here are all super cute options.

Anything Coffee Related | She's bound to be exhausted, and word is that exhaustion doesn't let up for another 18 years...  So why not give her something to fuel up with - like this or this.

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Baby T Week 21-23

23 weeks

23 weeks

Due Date | March 25, 2018 BUT my guess is our little one will make their appearance March 31st.

Size | Baby T is the size of  a bunch of grapes or Barbie doll -- a little over a foot long (12.008 in, ha) and  20 ounces.

Gender | It's a BOY! {see our gender reveal here}

Symptoms |  headaches, heartburn and the never ending trips to the bathroom..

Cravings/Aversions |  no strong cravings or aversions, but 2 Thanksgivings was pure bliss.

22w4d - Thanksgiving Day

Hormones | Possibly less moody this week?  But Thomas might be the better judge of that.  ;)

Weight |  +10 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm not gonna lie this kinda freaked me out, but my doctor was very happy with this so as long as it's healthy for the little babe I'm trying not to worry too much.

Clothing |  my 20 week update: I can still fit it all my normal clothes, however, button my jeans (that started pretty tight) is a struggle and fitting into my work pants is a struggle.  So I'm using the "hair band trick" on my jeans as well as the maternity pairs I purchased and am on the look out for some maternity work pants.

23 weeks: Baby Boy is so low that although I've just started to officially show and look pregnant, jeans are a no go.  AND the "hairband trick" is really pushing it.  Also, ZERO work pants fit so there's that...   BUT you can't beat stretchy, maternity pants around the holidays. #winning

Sleep | I pretty much toss and turn all night long, and my back has started to hurt.  ALL I want to do is sleep on my back, bur that's no happening any time soon.  I'm thinking a pregnancy pillow is in my future...any suggestions?

Nursery | I can't wait to share my ideas, working on a post about my ideas/inspiration this week.

Purchases | The buying has begun.  We have something for the nursery (that I mom actually got even before we knew it was a boy), I've bought an outfit or ten, and thanks to Black Friday sales I've ordered a baby book, name blanket and a couple other things.  I'll share them when they come in.

Fun Fact | At 23 weeks Baby T's hearing is more developed and therefore is kicking more in response to the stimuli -- mainly my heartbeat, my voice and LOUD noises.  

Best Moment of The Week | Celebrating Thanksgiving with both sides of our families, picking out our Christmas tree and scoring some Black Friday sales.  

Thanksgiving 2017 with Thomas' family

annual picking out our Christmas tree in Boone, NC

Looking Forward To | Hearing little man's heartbeat again when I go in for our next appointment.

Next Apt. |  December 6th -- we're doing the hour long diabetes scan.

Gender Reveal
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Where to Shop for your Mini Firefighter

Ever since finding out Baby T is a BOY, I've had a little issue with the "add to cart" button.  As in, I've hit said button about 10 or 20 times. YIKES!  Let's just hope Thomas isn't home when all my packages arrive.  ;)  BUT buying for little boys is so so much fun, and it's hard to resist all the teeny tiny clothes.  Who can blame me?!
 A couple years ago when Thomas became a firefighter, I knew that someday I'd buy ALL the things for our baby..and well here we are.
I've rounded up some of the cutest and best finds to deck your little ones in all things firefighter related.  ENJOY!  
Cuff Life Boutique - use code BEMARY for 10% off
shop here
shop here (none glitter option for boys too)

BB Gifts and More - use code EATDRINKANDBEMARY for 15% off a $10 or more purchase - valid 11/27-12/4
shop here
side note: if you have a little girl, she has the CUTEST bows too!

Milillo and Co - use code EATDRINKBEMARYfor 15% off
shop here
shop here
Hushabye Stree Boutique -  personalized burp cloths and blankets
shop here
shop here
SewSewU - spend $40 and receive 10% off
shop here
Katie Ella Creations - she also has a matching headband and bandana bib
shop here
Mama Bijou - spend $50 get 15% off
shop here
Custom Styles Boutique
shop here

Atlas and Ember
shop here

The Little Arrows
shop here
Finds at Target - one | two | three
free shipping 

Finds at Carters - one | two | three
50% off entire site + free shipping and an extra 25% of $40+ purchase

Finds at Old Navy - one | two | 
Finds at Gap - one | two | three | four
50% off everything + free shipping use code CYBER.  use code TREAT for extra 10% off
And if you're still in the mood for some online shopping check out my Fire Family etsy board full of more places to buy and support the firefighter in your life.
Happy shopping friends.
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