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When I hear from my readers it makes me 
want to play with glitter, who doesn't love glitter? :)


  1. I took your button FYI!! hehe

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  2. Here I am wanting your shirt again! Where did you get this one?

  3. Hi Maryjean,

    I found you over at the Do Tell Tuesday Social Media link up. Looking forward to having a look around your blog.

    Hope you have a great week

  4. love your blog! love how your love for Jesus shines through.....on advice for long-distance relationships----get married. :) lol. I wouldn't move in with your boyfriend---get the commitment first...moving in together is great, but where's the commitment? Don't wait for the "perfect time, or having enough money", if you are right for each other, why delay it? Just git-r-done! lol! Save yourself for marriage and tie the knot! It's so worth it...not that marriage is easy, b/c its not---it's HARD. It's work. It's tough......but it's SO WORTH IT! It's so fun!!! get a good mentor couple that has a strong marriage and meet with them when you can. Get involved in a church with an awesome young marrieds group, where you can gain great Christian married friends! Good luck to you and thanks for your encouraging blog! Blessings! :)

  5. Hey Fellow Blogger! I am excited to tell you that I have nominated you and your blog for the libester award! I admire your blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you in a small way! Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Feel free to check out my nominations @
    Hope you have an awesome day!
    >>> Kenna


It makes me so happy each time you leave a comment. I love connecting with my readers! Happy blogging friends.


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