Eat Drink & Be Mary: WEEKLY FIVE | Vol. 4



Happy Monday friends.  Is it just me or are the weeks just flying by lately?  We had such a blast at the beach last week with Thomas' family and this past weekend has been filled with all of the after vacation chores.  Laundry (and more and more laundry), grocery shopping and meal prepping.  Adulting...amiright?

So let's just get into this weeks' five shall we?

Speaking of our beach trip, I'll be working on a recap post to come in the near future and a post on "Beach Baby Essentials" for Thursday.  But until then...

T W O | ENSO RINGS (entire site is 15% off for the 4th of July)
I love these silicone rings I got several months ago.  They're my favorite while cleaning or going somewhere that I don't want to ruin/lose my wedding ring...not to mention they're super cute.   Oh and were featured on Shark Tank a little bit ago.  Anyone else a Shark Tank super fan?  #guilty  
I have the stackable rings: "braided" in white and "hammered" in carolina blue.

T H R E E | Love to Dream Swaddle
 Cole sleeps in this swaddle every night and up until our beach trip (which apparently TOTALLY threw off his sleeping patterns) he started sleeping from 11-7:30 for over a week.  And before that he was only waking up once at 3:30am each night.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm dreading when he starts to roll and I have to break him from this swaddle.  But if you're searching for which one to get for your baby, I h i g h l y suggest this one.

F O U R | Meal Planning
Now that we're back from the beach, its time for me to get my eating and work out routine under control.  I talked a little about my plans for this week on IG stories (so make sure to follow along on there if you're interested in getting ideas for healthy meals each week -- and help me stay accountable!), and since I got some pretty positive feedback I wanted to share the spaghetti squash recipe I tried this week and two posts from the archives y'all might also like. 

Whole 30 Creamy Garlic Spaghetti Squash

Two 21 Day Fix Approved Overnight Oats Recipes

1 Week of 21 Day Fix Meal Plans

And that's another week of family updates and products I'm loving.  Only four things this week, but hey whatcha gonna do?  I am in the works of creating the "beach baby essentials" post that has been requested so keep an eye out for that later this week.

May your Monday be strong, and your coffee stronger.

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