Eat Drink & Be Mary: 11 Beach Essentials for Baby


11 Beach Essentials for Baby

Well, we survived.  Last week we went on our annual beach trip with Thomas' family, and this was our first time with baby along for the ride.  And Cole did SO GOOD.  He's a pretty chill baby anyways, but he's definitely a true beach bum like his mommy and daddy.  

I've got to credit our successful beach trip to a couple things:

My #1 travel tipbring everything you normally use.  Which is basically why we packed our entire house BUT it having things Cole was used to really helped make a smooth transition.  (thanks to my SIL for the solid piece of advice)

#2. Bring the essentials (I listed ours below.) They made our beach days SO MUCH EASIER on all of us.  

#3. Low Expectations.  That might sound bad, but we went into the beach trip we'll go out to the beach and see how he does, and if he's having a hard time we'll bring him back to the house.  That way when he did perfectly fine we were thrilled.  

#4. Avoid the hottest/harshest hours of the day (12-3pm).  We came up for lunch around 12:30ish each day and I stayed up with him through the HOT hours of the day.  That way he could take a solid nap in the AC in his rock n play (where he normally naps), and we avoided the hours the sun uv rays are the harshest.  No way I wanted to have a sunburnt baby!

With all that said here are the end all be all items when it comes to having a successful beach trip with a baby.  

Thanks to those that shared their tips with me before we went on Insta.  Y'all are the real MVP.  ;)

Rashguards - he may have only dipped his toes in the ocean but babies in swimsuits are so adorable..not to mention they also help protect from the sun

if you're baby has especially sensitive skin, someone recommended to me to just have them wear a sleeper so the entire body is covered

"Sharks" Rashguard | Old Navy (on sale for $8)

Flag-Print Rashguard | Old Navy (on sale for $7.50)

Bouncer - perfect for naps on the beach

other items suggested for baby to hang out in/on while at the beach: Fisher Price dome-on-the-go (SO SO heavily suggested by many many moms I talked to), just laying in a baby tent, baby bath tub with towel covering it

Fan - I intially got our rechargeable fan for stroller walks because summers in SC are HOTTTT but of course this was needed on the beach especially on extra hot, low wind days

Baby Sunscreen - of course consult your pediatrician, but ours okayed it if Cole was going to be in the sun for long periods of time

Tent - whether its a tailgating style tent (we have one of these each year tiny baby or not) or a tent specifically for baby this is a SUPER MUST HAVE if you plan on being outside any extended amount of time especially if you're like us and go all. dang. day.

Cole's personal tent

Portable Charger - our fan was rechargable so I could just continue to run it with the help of this

Sun hat - duh.  It took me a while to find a hat small enough for Cole (because most are 0-6m and 6-12m), but I found a 0-3m at TJ Maxx, and Cole literally cracks me up in it.

White Noise App - this is a must have in my book no matter what the situation, and we used it on the trip to and from the beach.  But when bab is losing it on the beach, just break out this app.  I use the app GUVA and the white noise feature is free but they have TONS of different sound options.  

Nursing Cover - If you're breastfeeding a nursing cover will be a life saver.  A towel would work but my cover made it SO easy and convenient.  I actually won mine in a giveaway from Covered Goods.

Paci Clips - If you're anything like us, pacifiers are a total life saver, and ain't nobody got time for a paci falling in the sand.  My favorite one so far is from Brixton Phoneix, but I'm looking for more, so leave you're favorite place to buy them in the comments!

Mini Pool - If you're little one can sit up I highly recommend bringing a mini pool.  Our niece played in this for hours!  It contained her so she wasn't constantly bee-lining towards the ocean or getting sand everywhere, but was super entertaining and kept her cool.  Genius idea if you ask me.

I hope my tips & list of essentials helps y'all as you get ready to go on your own beach trip.  If you had to add something to this list what would it be?

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