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Happy Monday friends.  Dang if the weeks aren't just flying by.  Cole turns three months old later this week HOW?! (stay tuned for his monthly update later this week) AND Cole's first beach trip is right around the corner.  Gah..I love summer.


Last week I brought back this "weekly five" series where I'm sharing anything and everything our little family is up to.  And I'm still so excited about it.  So, lets get started.  

We celebrated Thomas' first father's day yesterday and it was a fun, chill, relaxing day.  We started by taking Cole to church for the first time (he did awesome!) and then went to my in-laws to hang out for the day.  Hanging by the pool -- and in the pool because HOTTTT -- eating good food and Cole laughed for the first time.  Ughh my hearttttt.  

I'm definitely going to have to share the recipe my SIL made for us.  It's another quick and easy healthy recipe like the brussel sprouts I shared last week.

T W O | SeneGence LIP BALM
So I've ranted on here and IG stories all about my love for the lipsense products and their CCTM.  BUT their lip balm is the bomb dot com.  It took me months of hearing about it before I finally purchased it but it's totally worth the $20.  And that's coming from a girl that used to keep chapstick in her desk, bathroom, car, purse, and bedside table.  

Seriously, I only have to put it on after I brush my teeth in the morning and at night and I'm good for the entire day.  Plus if you used lipsense it really makes a difference in how much flaking and dry feeling your lips are.

ps.  thinking of trying some senegence products?  tell Brittany I sent you and we'll both get 10% off.

If you're anything like me you're always on the search for cute but practical items for your little babe.  And especially as a boy mom, I'm searching for cute (but not girly) items because they're out there sometimes ya just gotta look a little harder.  

After someone in my "March Moms" Facebook group shared about Brixton Phoenix I knew I wanted to get Cole one of their paci clips.  I had been searching for a cute one since before he was born but found there was a fine line between what I wanted and something that was too girly.  I ended up getting the Piper Paci Clip in marble and love it.  Good price, quality and can be used as a teether soon.

This past weekend we took our first mini road trip (4 hours) with Cole and y'all he did so good in the car.  We went up to celebrate Father's Day with my dad a little early and so Cole could meet more great-grandparents.  This weekend was so good for my soul.  The mountain air.  The family time.  And seeing everyone's love for Cole.  I can't wait to go back!

meeting G.G. and Bubby for the first time

And speaking of the beach...we have two trips coming up within the month.  And while I'm excited to see Cole at the beach and spend a week with our families soaking up the sun I'm not as excited be putting this postpartum bod in a bathing suit.  BUT I'm doing my best to embrace it.  So here are four nursing friendly bathing suits I've ordered.  I'm still trying to decide which ones to keep.

I'm obviously keeping this one.  It's shapewear (thank you very much) and out in this color but there are two other colors.
"Shapewear Swimsuit" | H&M

Help me decide which of these three to keep.  I'm thinking the back one shoulder and maybe another?

"The Forest" | CUPSHE     Ruffle One Shoulder | Old Navy    Vintage Lace | CUPSHE

And that's it folks.  Another weekly roundup.  Are you going to the beach this summer?  Share your swimsuit choice in the comments.

May your Monday be strong and your coffee stronger.

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