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A while back I used to do a post called FIVE ON FRIDAY where I would share five random things from that week.  And now that we have our little man in tow, I thought this would be the perfect time to bring back that post to recap our family's week.

After polling you guys on instagram y'all said you'd want me to share family happenings, recipes, products and basically any other random here we are.  Each week I'll be sharing a handfull of things.  

I gotta admit I'm oddly excited over this series I'm bringing back each week.

We took Cole to my in-laws pool for the first time this past week and he loved it.  And by loved it I mean he pretty much just chilled out and didn't cry.  ;)  Which means I'll be purchasing a baby float with a canopy ASAP so we can spend our days pool side and mama can soak up that sun!  

My MIL recently discovered this natural soda at Kroger and y'all its legit.  It tastes just like Diet Coke and without all the chemicals and aspartame.  Seriously try it.  I recommend the Cola and Blackcherry Sparkling Water.

Y'all know I love spending hours on Pinterest browsing all the recipes, home decor and all things baby - hey what else am I supposed to do during those middle of the night feedings.  So I thought I'd share a couple of things that caught my eye lately.
My Disney obsession lately is at an all time high! | see my Disney board here| & buy the tee here.

this donut cake is giving me all the feels and YES I've already started brainstorming ideas Cole's first birthday party | see the pin here

Donut Themed Milk Drip Cake from a Donut Shoppe Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (14)

And of course I'm pinning all the baby/mom life quotes & convinced I need this in Cole's nursery
see my #MomLife board here | & purchase the sign here
Baby Farmhouse | Farmhouse Nursery | Woodland Nursery | Cottage Wall Hanging | Framed Signs | Handcrafted Decor | Baby Love | Baby Décor, home décor, diy décor, rustic, farmhouse, love, wreath, letter décor, framed farmhouse, bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, bathroom, hallway, entry way, bedroom #afflink
When I was pregnant Thomas' sister shared a recipe with us for brussel sprouts (it was my first time trying them) that I'm obsessed with and it's so easy.  I took a poll on IG when we made it the other day and was truly surprised at how many of y'all like brussel sprouts too.  After discussing recipes with several of y'all I figured I'd share it on here.  It's real quick and easy and if your unsure about brussel sprouts I recommend trying this recipe before turning up your nose.

Ingredients: 1/2 onion, 4-6 slices of bacon, olive oil and about 1 lb of brussel sprouts.

+ preheat oven to 400
+ cut up the onion and halve the brussel sprouts
+ put onion and brussel sprouts into a 9x9 pan and drizzle with olive oil
+ top with slices of bacon  
+ cook for 30-45 minutes, until the brussel sprouts are softened and browned

I mentioned these four products on IG stories last week, BUT in cased you missed it.  These are four things we are loving lately -- two for Cole and two for myself.

+ Sit Me Up Chair - when I mentioned getting it so many people messaged me saying they loved it too.  Perfect for a baby that wants to look around at everything but you need your hands free.

+ Anna and Eve Swaddle - I got this for naptime swaddling.  That way I don't have to undress Cole for each nap (he's a pretty hot baby & summertime in SC ain't no joke) but he's still swaddled and therefore takes some pretty legit naps - as in 1-2.5 hours.

+ Loving Tan Self Tanner - this is my second bottle and I know summer is practically here but I ordered it anyways because 1. I'm not trying to avoid the sun a little bit and 2. I now have a sweet baby taking up a lot of my laying out time

+ Essie Nail Polish in "Fiji" - girly and perfect for summer, even if it only lasts a couple days

And thats it folks.  This post has combined two of my favorite posts I used to do and I think I'm already loving starting them back.  Be sure to leave a comment what other things you would like to see in these posts.

Comment below -- whats something you did this weekend?  Have you ever tried Brussel Sprouts?  What's your go-to summer nail polish color?

May your Monday be short and your coffee strong.

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