Eat Drink & Be Mary: The Fourth Trimester | Postpartum Essentials


The Fourth Trimester | Postpartum Essentials

13.  13 must be the magical number around here because I've got thirteen postpartum essentials for y'all today and last week I shared thirteen pregnancy must haves.

It is so important to take it easy and recover during this "4th trimester" and these 13 (and one bonus) things really help during that period.  And I don't wanna waste any time without just hopping straight into so here they are...

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+ Depends - Easily my #1 suggestion for those first few weeks after birth.  So much easier than the mesh panties, huge pads, and all that jazz.  Trust me on this one.  

+ Nipple Shields - I didn't discover these until a week or two after Cole was born.  And while I don't suggest using them right away (unless a LC suggests or your baby isn't getting a deep latch) they did come in handy about 1.5 weeks in when I had some cracking and bleeding going on.  The shield simply gave that side some time to heal so we didn't backtrack in the progress we were making.  

+ Lanisoh Lanolin Nipple Cream - Speaking of sore nipples.  This stuff.  The hospital gave me a small tube (that still lasted a solid month) to use that was safe for Cole to breastfeed without me having to wipe it off, and then my mom went out and bought me a big tube of it.  It just soothes and makes it all a little better. 

one week postpartum

+ Disposable Nursing Pads - Two things about this product.  

1. I remember reading while I was pregnant to not use disposable ones but to get Bamboobies because the disposable ones would stick to your nipples.  BUT I found this to be the exact opposite, so I suggest getting the disposable ones and then saving the Bamboobies after the first 2-3 weeks when your nipples have healed and aren't as sensitive. 

2. We're 3 months into our breastfeeding journey and still going strong.  AND leaking is still happening.  I've heard varying answers on when you actually stop I'm thinking this is when the Bamboobies can come into play because you can just wash them and use again for months to come.

pictured: Bamboobies, Depends and large pads 

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+ Baby Tracker App - As soon as we moved into our maternity/recovery room the nurse let me know she'd be in periodically to check how often and how long Cole was nursing for and his diaper count.  She mentioned some women use an app to track it (since your mind is basically mush) and I instantly downloaded this app -- and I haven't stopped yet.

It tracks nursing (bottle feeds, pumping and supplementing as well), diaper count, sleep, growth and more. 

You can see what the app looks like under my "Baby Products" Highlights on Instagram.

+ Oatmeal - Not only is this a quick & easy breakfast option, but it's supposed to be good for milk supply.

+ Snacks - Going along with the oatmeal above, anything that is easy to grab and eat is pretty essential.  More than likely you'll have a baby in one hand and only have one hand to grab something to eat.  Or you'll be trying to squeeze in something between all the cuddles and lack of sleep and quick and easy is the way to go.  And once again, this is especially crucial if you plan to breastfeed for two reasons: keeping up milk supply and you'll simply be hungry ALL. THE. TIME.

+ Water - You need all the water in those weeks of recovery, but especially if you are breastfeeding.  

+ Nursing Tanks & Bras - Easy access to the boob is pretty essential when you have a newborn and you're trying to figure it all out and get a hold on all the new changes happening.  For me, I just didn't wanna waste anytime having him scream his head of when he was hungry messing around with difficult I basically lived in nursing tanks for at least the first two weeks.  

+ Comfy Clothes - Whether you plan to breastfeed or not you need to feel as comfortable as possible.  Your body is recovering from a pretty intense experience and no need to try to cram it into jeans right away.  Leggings, comfy oversized tees, and pajamas are the way to go.  Not to mention it's easier on your mental health to not try to force yourself back into your pre-pregnancy clothes right away.

And along those same lines, don't be afraid to keep out your maternity clothes.  In fact, I purposely bought maternity shorts (and only wore one pair once while pregnant) for the sole reason of being able to wear shorts soon after having Cole.  Not to mention I still wear my maternity jeans.  #noshame

+ Facebook Support Group - I mentioned in my pregnancy must haves post that a group of women that are going through the same thing you are is a MUST.  It's just so good having people going through the same things you're going through.  And I was lucky enough that my "March Mommies Group" stayed together and now we are navigating this postpartum and new mom life together.  

+ The Positive Postpartum Project  IG Account - I fount this account during my pregnancy and just NEW it'd be someone to follow for after baby was here.  They constantly share uplifting messages that are good for the postpartum mama to read.  Everything from healing, recipes, and encouraging messages.  I find myself "saving" many of their posts to go back and read again later.  Definitely check this one out.  

+ Do Something For You - Lastly, I think it is so so important to find something to do that makes you feel happy.  Something that makes you feel like yourself again.  Whether its exercising (with the doctors approval), painting your nails, throwing on a little makeup or taking a quick trip to a coffee shop to pick up some much needed caffeine I think it's super important to not lose yourself completely.  

I feel ya, motherhood is exhausting and that new little baby takes up a lot of your time, and while I know we wouldn't have it any other way its so so good for your mental health to take a little me time for yourself even if its only 5-10 minutes at first.  

BONUS:: Have your mom stay with you for the first couple days/weeks.  Seriously.  This is actually my number one suggestion.  If your mom can come stay with you (or any helpful family member - but there's something special about your mom helping you navigate this new mom life) for that first little bit.  DO IT.  

My mom stayed with us the first two weeks and she was a total life saver.  She constantly got me water and snacks.  She offered to changed Cole's diaper all the time.  Cleaned everything.  She answered any questions, shared in my obsession over any little thing Cole did, and even helped me bathe Cole for the first time.  Like I said, there is something just so special, and unique about having your Mom there.  I highly suggest it.  


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What do you think is a total must have when it comes to recovering during postpartum?  

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