Eat Drink & Be Mary: Cole's Birth Story Part 2


Cole's Birth Story Part 2

[ if you missed Cole's Birth Story part I, go read it first >> here ]

Cole's Birth Story Part II

March 21st | Delivery Room Cont.

After I delivered Cole, all I remember is laying back on the bed and crying with relief, a while they held Cole upside down and suctioned him (I have pictures of him with his feet folded up at his head), he began to cry and Thomas cut his umbilical cord. 

They placed him on me and I've never felt more complete.  "Happy Birthday Cole" and y'all he stopped crying and looked straight up at me.  It was like he instantly knew I was his mom and I was the voice he'd been hearing for the last 9ish months. 

Meanwhile they wiped him off a little bit while he was on me and then we started skin to skin.  Next thing we know he had started sucking his thumb.  After about 10 minutes, he was crying and I asked if I could go ahead a breastfeed him.  I asked because 1. I was told they'd ask me if I wanted to breastfeed after he was born which they obviously didn't and 2. I had a fever, thankfully Cole didn't, and they started me on antibiotics or fluids and I didn't know if that would interfere.  This frustrated me a little just because I felt like I knew he was hungry, but had waited anyways.  

Lesson #1 in mamahood, always go with your gut.  

So anyways, I nursed him for the first time and he ate for almost 45 minutes which should've been a clue to what a chunky monkey we had on our hands..although I'm sure a lot of it was him trying to figure out what he was doing.  

Somewhere in here both grandparents came in to meet Cole real quick, my parents brought Blimpies because by this point I was starving, and then they all went to wait in our recovery room.

Afterwards, they weighed him, measured his length, did his footprints and have him a shot.  Y'all he was so ticked that he legit held his breath for a good 5 seconds (at least) before letting out the saddest cry.  And by sad I mean it broke my heart because it was in no way a cute, little cry.  Little man does not play around when he wants you to know something -- that scream was like bloody murder status.  

Cole was then placed in his little plastic box "bassinet" and we were off to my recovery/post-partum room BUT they were taking so long and Cole was still screaming his little head off.  So I started crying.  I just felt like I knew he was hungry but he was in that box and I was stuck in my bed and we were supposed to be moving rooms so I couldn't feed or get to him.  

BUT my sweet nurse noticed that I was crying and let me hold him on the way to our room and he calmed right down.  

side note: as we were wheeled down the hallway and go to the entrance of my new room my nurse ran me into the edge of the doorway..which was well painful considering giving birth AND stitches..but what can ya do?  

Once we got to the maternity room, we basically just hung out with our parents for the night until they left to go home.  Because of my 3rd degree tear, they set me up on strong prescription ibprofen and percocet, and ice for my lady parts that just went through a lot.


The doctors came in and check on me and Cole every couple of hours asking about my pain levels, giving me more meds, asking how much I peed last (yes, for real) and how long Cole was eating for, and his diaper count.  

And let me tell ya, NO ONE warned me how painful the recovery is.  I was SUPER worried about delivery because you hear about the pain of childbirth all. the. time.  BUT due to the God-sent epidural it was nothing compared to my recovery.  Y'all it literally hurt to re-situate in the bed AND so so bad to get out of the bed and walk like 10 feet to the bathroom.  And peeing became an entire adventure (if you've had a baby you know what I mean).

I'm adding this in here not to scare you but just because no one warned me about this.  

That night is pretty much a blur of feeding Cole, watching Jersey Shore reruns and trying to catch little naps here and there.  Cole was NOT content on sleeping in his little plastic box and so I put the boppy around me and had him rest on me.  It made me feel more comfortable if I dosed off and help me get what little sleep I got, haha.  

The ended up giving Cole his first bath at 11 that night.

March 22nd | day two

The next day was basically just more of the same.  They came and got Cole for his circumcision at 7am and warned me that he'd probably be sleepy for a while afterwards.  But the poor kid didn't eat for HOURS.  I mentioned it to the nurses when they would come it, but eventually it had been long enough I was super concerned and they started taking notice and we got the hospital lactation consultant to come in.  After them helping me try to breastfeed, they had me hand pump and we tried to use a syringe but Cole was not having it.  

FINALLY my nurse came back from lunch (around 2ish) and in to check on if he had ate, and about the same time my mom changed his diaper.  AND y'all he peed everywhere, haha.  On himself, my bed, my mom.  But it was the first time he had peed since being born (they want them to within the first 24hrs) and as soon as that fiasco was cleaned up he was ready to eat!  My nurse mentioned that sometimes they need to empty their bladder to make room to be hungry..either way I was happy he finally ate.  

Later Thomas' family came to visit and some of our friends brought us Cookout.  Let me tell ya, that post-birth Mint Oreo milkshake was heavenly.  

Our second night was much like the first.  Thomas held him for the first little bit so I could get some sleep and then it was just a lot of sleeping, peeing, feeding Cole and Jersey Shore reruns. 

MARCH 23rd | Going Home

Friday morning was relaxing as we were going home that day.  My doctor came in to check me out around 6:30, and the on-call pediatrician came by around 9 or 10 to release Cole.  

We realized Cole's left eye was closed shut early that morning and called in the nurse, but it turns out it was just a clogged tear duct and super common in babies.  It ended up going away by 2 weeks old.  But it did freak me out for a second.  

When it was time to leave, Thomas packed up the car and pulled it up front.  Some guy wheeled me and Cole down to meet him and we were off.  I'm not gonna lie I was so nervous (remember I have car anxiety) and excited all at the same time.  We were officially on our own and home bound.  

And we've been living in a blissful, chaotic, exhausted, newborn blur ever since... ;)

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