Eat Drink & Be Mary: 13 Pregnancy Must Haves


13 Pregnancy Must Haves

This may seem like a regular Thursday to most of y'all (hello Summer break!) BUT our little family is taking our first mini-road trip with baby boy on this side of my belly.  We're driving 4 hours to NC to visit my family for Father's pray for us!!  

BUT let's get to the real reason you're here.  Pregnancy Must Haves.

Now that I've been through it myself, I wanted to share what helped me those 9 (but really ten!) months.  I also asked y'all on Instagram and I asked my facebook March mommys group their must haves too.  So I feel like I'm really bringing you the best of the best that you'll need while your body is busy creating another human.  

Make sure to leave your must haves in the comments so other mamas-to-be won't miss out!


Pregnancy Pillow | Amazon -- game changer.  easily my #1 must. have.

 NURSING BRAS | Amazon -- trust me your regular bras won't be lasting long and I suggest nursing bras rather than bigger sized bras because they'll be useful once baby is here too.

PRENATAL VITAMINS | Walmart -- a lot of people have aversions to their vitamins and the first ones I tried grossed me out but these ones just taste like fruit snacks

TUMS -- hello, heartburn

SNACKS-- I was lucky enough to not have a lot of sickness and the hunger is real y'all.  But those first couple weeks (and the moms in my group that did experience a lot of nausea) snacks are crucial to fight off that sick feeling.

WATER -- Not only is it important to drink more water but towards the end drinking a lot of water avoids dehydration and therefore false contractions.  Also, while pregnant I could only handle ICE cold water (and I know I'm not alone) so I suggest either a lot of ice or something like a YETI that'll keep it nice and cold for you.

SUPPORT GROUP -- Its important to have people you feel comfortable asking questions too because trust me you'll have LOTS of questions.  Family and friends that have been through the same thing is helpful and comforting.  

FACEBOOK GROUP -- I also suggest joining a facebook group of moms due the same month.  That way you can talk about what you're going through each week of the pregnancy and it'll be filled with first time moms and moms that have been through it all before. 
I have heard that sometimes these groups can get crazy, dramatic and controversial, but if you're lucky like me you'll find a group where everyone is actually pretty chill and super helpful.  In fact, most of the mom's in my March group are all still in the group and we still talk and ask each other questions we've just moved onto baby stuff.  
Simply search "due in _____" and options are bound to pop up.

WORKOUT ROUTINE -- this is something I personally did not have this pregnancy, but several people mentioned it and I definitely want to stick to working out better next time around.

MATERNITY CLOTHES -- duh, right?  BUT one girl suggested using Le Tote which is a rental service where you can get maternity clothes you were them for a short period of time then you can send them back and get new ones.  So not only are you not spending a fortune on a ton of different maternity clothes, but you can adjust as your belly grows bigger.  GENIUS!!

Also Blanqi leggings were specifically suggested several times, and apparently worth the price.  I'm definitely considering getting a pair next time because leggings were a staple during my pregnancy.
side note: I bought these leggings from Amazon and while they don't pass the squat test they're a great buy & I wore them all pregnancy long.

PEPPERMINT OIL -- Another way to beat the nausea and it's a natural remedy too.  (several women suggested different medications too, so don't be afraid to consult your doctor)

HEATING PAD -- for when the back pain is just too much to handle

BONUS \\ not a "must have" BUT if you plan on doing chalkboard bumpdates like I did I suggest this chalkboard and these markers.

There you have it ladies.  13 must haves during pregnancy.  Anyone else just love pregnancy?  I know I was lucky, but just typing this post out makes me long for that baby bump again -- buttt not quite yet.  ;)

What was your #1 must have during pregnancy?

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