Eat Drink & Be Mary: Jackson Cole | TWO MONTHS


Jackson Cole | TWO MONTHS

SIZE:  Cole is such a roll-y pole-y and I love it!  He is now 13 lbs exactly, wearing size 2(!) diapers and 0-3 month clothes.  

BREASTFEEDING: He's now eating 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours.  Although the past couple of days he's been eating 15+ minutes anywhere from 20 minutes later to a 3 hours stretch -- thanks leap 2 *insert eye roll here*

I've also started pumping once a day so store up some milk for the future.

SLEEP: We pretty much have no schedule whatsoever -- it's Cole's world and we're just living in it.  ;)  BUT he does consistently wake up between 7-8am everyday and I try to put him to down at night between 9-10pm.  He generally gives me at least one good stretch of 4.5-5 hours and then sometimes he'll do another good 4ish hours but sometimes he'll get up every 2 hours after that.  He also went 7.5 hours twice and although it was apparently a fluke it was a glorious day!

MILESTONES: he is SO much more alert, cooing, he started smiling and my heart is total mush  

LOVES: his paci, "if you're happy and you know it..." and "the itsy bitsy spider", the baby trend bouncer we got that sings and vibrates, and also everything else from month 1 (rock n play, sleeping on my chest, bath time, walks...)

DISLIKES: getting out of the bath time, nose frida, and he's starting to come around on Tummy Time the stronger he gets but still lets us know when he's over it

PLACES HE'S BEEN: Target - baby's first Target run must be documented, family day date to Mellow Mushroom

family day date to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Day

PERSONALITY: His personality is still pretty calm and easy going and I have a feeling it'll stay this way.  He definitely prefers to be held, is my little sidekick, and I don't mind it one bit.  -- STILL TRUE

WHO HE LOOKS LIKE: Daddy's Mini Me, although the chubbier his cheeks get more people comment how they can see me in him so there's that...

Daddy's Mini Me

NICKNAMES: The main three I say are buddy, Coley, and cutie boy (ha).  But we do still call him a piglet from all his grunting and a turtle when he's making the face that (duh) makes him look like a little turtle.  ;)

Mother's Day
how we deal with witching hour

meeting his Great-Grandparents

  • I've been dairy free for a month, and Cole's skin has cleared up and he is much less gassy/fussy after eating so it looks like we'll be sticking to this until at least 6 months
  • celebrated my first Mother's Day
  • he got his 2 month shots...totally heartbreaking y'all!
  • witching hour has finally arrived ugh! and is usually around 7pm but can generally be overcome by running bath water which then just turns into bath time


I can already tell he's growing up too fast; time slow down!!

{see Cole's one month update here}

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