Eat Drink & Be Mary: Jackson Cole | ONE MONTH


Jackson Cole | ONE MONTH

Holy heck how has one month with our angel baby already passed us by?  The past month has been everything I hoped for and more.  

Thankfully, my mom stayed with Thomas and I the first two weeks and was an AMAZING help getting us food, cleaning, making sure I had everything I could need while healing and of course with Cole.  

I have a sneaking suspicion that these monthly updates are going to fly by all too quickly... 

SIZE:  Our sweet boy is a chunky monkey!  He is now 10 lbs 6 oz, wearing size 1 diapers, his newborn clothes are getting snug and too short and he is starting to fit into his 0-3 month clothes.  

BREASTFEEDING: Judging by his weight gain at the doctors Tuesday he is still eating like a champ.  He's eating closer to 10-15 minutes now instead of 20+ but obviously is gaining weight fine - the doctor said his weight gain is amazing and knows about the shorts feeding times -  I'm not sure how that all equals out so I'm trying not to worry about it too much and just go with it.  

SLEEP: I'm thinking Cole has finally learned the difference between night and day and generally sleeps 3-4 hours at night.

LOVES: bath time, sleeping on Mommy's chest, the rock n play (thank goodness we found something!) riding in the car, going on walks, and is still fan of the swaddle.  We're also both pretty big fans of the Solly Baby Wrap but I've only used it twice so the jury may still be out on this one.
Cole is also disliking getting his diaper/clothes changed less as time passes and is no longer screaming his head off when I'm doing so unless he's hungry but I'm trying to change his diaper first.

first bath & he LOVED it

tummy time or eating our arm?

first walk and he slept the whole time

DISLIKES: Nose frida as in legit HATES it, and he's not the biggest fan of tummy time (you can see several clips under my Instagram Highlights) after 4 or 5 minutes either.

MILESTONES: Cole is now awake and alert a lot more often, can follow objects, and has started cooing.  

PLACES HE'S BEEN: we're still not going in public yet, but I did run into the front of Walmart to rent a Redbox with him, the park near our house, and he's been to his Nani and Papas for Easter and family functions.

dispite his face here, he actually really hates this swing

PERSONALITY: His personality is still pretty calm and easy going and I have a feeling it'll stay this way.  He definitely prefers to be held, is my little sidekick, and I don't mind it one bit.  

WHO HE LOOKS LIKE: He still looks mainly like his daddy, but every once in a while I'll see an angle or facial expression and think he looks like me.  Also, my dad sent me a picture of him as a newborn and Cole looks a lot like him (picture below)..I wish I had a picture of Cole making this same expression but I always miss it.

my dad as a newborn

NICKNAMES: Turtle, Piglet, Squeakers, Coley, Buddy

  • he still snorts when he cries, and has started to make more grunting noises
  • there are so many facial expressions he makes that totally melt my heart, but either they're while I'm nursing so I don't have any pictures of them or I always miss them when trying to take a picture
  • we had our first BIG blowout where Cole just straight up pooped ALL. OVER. ME. while I was feeding him one morning.  read more about it here.
  • we celebrated Cole's first Easter
  • we went to the doctor earlier this week - and like I suspected Cole has acid reflux - and we discussed a couple things to help out our poor guy (I plan on doing another post on this)

Cole's first Easter

Cole's first Easter
one of my favorite pictures of him
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