Eat Drink & Be Mary: Jackson Cole Timmerman


Jackson Cole Timmerman

March 21, 2018
3:36 pm
8 lbs 4 oz
21 inches

March 21st is hands down the best day of our lives, when our piece of heaven hand picked by God himself joined us earthside.  Jackson Cole you are so loved.  

coming home 3/23 -- even though he looks upset here he LOVED the car ride home

He's here!  Y'all I can still hardly believe it and our sweet boy has already been with us a little over a week.  AND I'm even more surprised that he came 4 days early.  When I was working on our last bumpdate I mentioned that it was hopefully the last one little did I know that the next day when I had the post scheduled he'd make his early appearance.  And what a surprisingly blessing it was.  

I'm still working on Cole's birth story and a week one update.  But until then enjoy all the baby spam on instagram.  Happy Thursday babes.
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