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Jackson Cole | ONE WEEK

It's March 28th and our sweet boy is ALREADY a week old.   So cliche, BUT I can hardly believe it's already been a week and yet it feels like he's always been a part of our family.  Y'all this week has been everything I've ever dreamed of and more..sure there's been a lot less sleep but there's been a lot more smiles, laughter and the cutest squeaks and stretches and all the baby goodness.  I'm in heaven y'all.  

Since this first week has been full of so much change (GOOD CHANGE!) I wanted to share a little update, but after this I only plan on doing monthly updates.  

side note: this week is the last of the chalkboards (doin' it for the chatbook -- anyone else have and LOVE them?) but it turned out to be a pretty cute photo opp. with some pretty cute pictures.  

ALSO, can we talk about how in shock I am that he came 4 days early!  The entire first half of my pregnancy-if not longer-I swore he'd be late (the 31st to be exact because there is a full moon that night).  Then as the end drew near I started to think he might come early.  Partly out of hope and partly because I got nervous that I wouldn't be ready and needed to do ALL. THE. THINGS.  Starting around 38 weeks, I began to say to Thomas maybe we'll have a baby tonight! and definitely was more uncomfortable and wondered if I was seeing signs of early labor.  Then Tuesday night, was the first time I thought maybe he won't come tonight and specifically remember texting Thomas that (he was on shift) and that it probably meant he would.  And sure enough he did!!  p.s. still working on writing his birth story

always throwing up that middle finger

SIZE:  Our sweet boy was born 8 lbs 4 oz (ouch!) and when we left he was 7 lbs 13 oz.  When we went for our first doctor's appointment at 5 days old he was 7 lbs and 13.5 oz.
Cole is wearing newborn clothes and diapers.

BREASTFEEDING: Speaking of Cole's size..when we went to the doctor he was SO pleased with Cole's weight..which made my mama heart so happy.  The doctor said his weight is "amazing" for a breastfed baby since they typically lose 10% of their weight and that would've put him more at 7lb7oz.  
He's been breastfeeding like a champ since the moment he was born and homebody doesn't miss a meal.  He typically goes an hour and a half to two hours between feedings for about 20-25 min, but just recently has started making 3 hour stretches but is eating more like 30 min. each time.

SLEEP: He's also a pretty good sleeper.  I feel like its hard to tell so soon, but he basically sleeps and wakes up to eat.  Usually after his morning feeding (9/10 am) he will usually stay awake for a solid 20 minutes.

first day home -- 3/23

LOVES: Cole L O V E S being swaddled.  I'm talking as soon as you start that first fold he's instantly calmer.  He also loves to be bounced..specifically when we hold him horizontally with his head in one hand and his bum in the other.  

HATES: Being cold!  Which means every diaper/clothing change is quite the screaming fest.  But can you really blame him for disliking get undressed all the time. ;)

MILESTONES: first outing to the doctor's office 3/26, first sponge bath, newborn pictures 3/28

off to Cole's first doctor appointment

PLACES HE'S BEEN: doctor's office

PERSONALITY: His personality so far seems to be very sweet and calm, only crying when he's hungry or cold.  BUT I'm interested to see how it'll develop as he gets older.

WHO HE LOOKS LIKE: He most definitely has his daddy's nose and ears, and possibly my lips.  At first, in the hospital, I wasn't so sure who he looked like, but as each day passes we agree he looks more and more like his daddy.  And thats what almost everyone says when they see him.  During my pregnancy I was hoping for a mini Thomas, and it seems that wish is coming true.  OH and he was born with brown hair, but everyday its getting lighter and lighter...we might be getting a little ginger after all.
daddy's mini me

  • he snorts when he cries
  • when he gets really excited/frustrated when I'm starting to feed him he will start to bang his head against me (kinda like bobbing for apples, haha) over and over and then scrunch his nose
  • at night when he gets the hiccups he squeaks and sounds like a little mouse.  oddly enough when he has the hiccups during the day he doesn't squeak
  • his forehead wrinkles (like in the first pictures)..literally my favorite expression he makes and has since day 1

hands down my favorite picture so far

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