Eat Drink & Be Mary: Hospital Bag Checklist - First Time Mom Edition


Hospital Bag Checklist - First Time Mom Edition

Alright I asked y'all on instagram if you wanted me to share what all I've packed in my + baby T's hospital bags or wait until after I share my thoughts then and the poll was 50/50.  AND a lot of y'all messaged me saying you were interested in both the before and after.  So here we are, part 1 of our hospital bags.
Before packing our bags, I did a lot of "research."    And by that I mean, I used a checklist on my nurture app, asked for your input on instagram, read blog posts and talked to my friends that are already mommies.  And below is what I feel confident and comfortable bringing to the hospital.
Disclaimer: I am more than aware that I have probably over packed (I know this from reading all the minimalist packing posts I've read) BUT I would much much rather have more than we need than wish I would've brought something and didn't or forgot it.
Last thing before diving right in - I have linked things where I could if you're interested in the specifics.  ENJOY!

  • black maternity leggings (these and these are my faves) + loose pajama pants
  • loose tshirts - I've heard black and loose are key for post-delivery
  • nursing tanks + bras
  • nursing pads
  • cardigans
  • robe
  • slippers
  • "if you can read this bring me wine" no skid socks  -- fitting for the occasion
  • cheap flip flops for the shower
  • my own towel
  • toiletries/make up bag
  • camera + iPod
  • all the chargers (camera and phone with a 10ft cord)
  • baby book
  • large pads and depends (I've heard depends are like THE. BOMB. so we shall see?)
  • snacks
  • water bottle

I plan on bringing the boppy as well, and should probably just go ahead and stick it in the car too.  Also, I know there's a lot of suggestion for the husband to have a bag, but Thomas insists he doesn't need to pack one and he'll grab a extra pair of clothes at the time if he feels like it so there's that... haha.

[shop my diaper bag here]
  • Coming Home Outfit and Hat (in newborn and 0-3m just in case)
  • extra outfit in both sizes just in case as well -- I was suggested to me that we bring footless outfits due to the foot bracelets baby wears while in the hospital
  • premie outfit -- I really doubt he'll wear this considering 3 weeks ago he was measure 6lbs9oz but again just in case.  Plus, I don't want to unpack the bag at this point.
  • Personalized Baby Blanket and Hat
  • Baby mittens and socks
  • Pacis - although I'm not so sure how early I want to introduce them yet
  • burp cloths
  • nursing cover -- I won this in a giveaway and probably won't use it but plan on keeping it in the diaper bag anyways
  • diapers and wipes -- again the hospital should have these for us, but I plan on just keeping them in the bag

And considering I am officially 39 weeks as of yesterday, yes our bags are already in my car along with the car seat (eek!).  But some of the things need to be packed up at the last minute, so I have a list on my phone to remember to grab those items quickly.
That's a wrap folks.  My hospital bag and little mans, all ready to go.  Anything you think I should add?  Happy Monday...oh and happy maternity leave to me!!!
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