Eat Drink & Be Mary: Baby T Weeks 35-36


Baby T Weeks 35-36

Due Date | March 25 BUT my guess is our little one will make their appearance March 31st..although I have started worrying what if he comes early?!

Size | At our appointment today the doctor said he's measuring 6lbs 9oz and in the 52%.  

Gender | It's a BOY! {see our gender reveal here}

Name | Jackson "Cole" Timmerman

Symptoms |  back pain is still rough and so is this pain I've been getting at the bottom of my right rib cage -- this is where his feet are so I'm thinking they're hitting a nerve or something.  Oh and swelling has begun -- but it's to be expected teaching on my feet for 7-8 hours a poor cankles.


Cravings |  Nothing has changed here.  Still craving ice EVERY. DAY.  Oh and I found out you can get entire BAGS of ice for free from Zaxbys so now I only go by once a week to get a bag to last me.  #winning

Hormones |  I'm starting to get more emotional, especially thinking about when Cole will be here and when Thomas talks about him/what he's looking forward to in the future.

Weight |  +1 pound since my last appointment (thank God!), putting me at +31 total.  

Clothing |  No update here.

Sleep | The pregnancy pillow that Thomas bought me for Christmas is still coming in clutch.  BUT these past two days have been rough and I have a feeling we're going down hill from here.  The pain under my rib cage really hurts throughout the night waking me up so I have to turn over.  And my back has started to hurt too.  Ironic, because I was just telling my in-laws how sleeping has been great for me and where I'm most comfortable....bummer.

Nursery |  If you've been following along on Instagram (@maryjean_xo) I've been sharing updates here and here.  But if not: the dresser is set up,  the cube is painted and set up/organized, I have both of the closet organizers filled up, and the rugs came in the mail.  


So plans for this next week are: set up the second dresser, lay the rugs down, get the blinds/curtains set up, and a couple DIY projects -- EEK!

{See the plans I have for his Safari Nursery in this post}

Purchases | I bought a personalized blanket for the hospital and fingers crossed it comes in in time, but if not we'll obviously use it at home too.  During President's Day Weekend Old Navy was having an awesome deal and I got him a bathing suit considering we're going for a week with each of our families this year AND my in-laws have a pool.  Other than that, really there's not much more purchasing going on because everything is really ready to go.

Fun Fact | At 36 weeks, all of Cole's major organs are functioning - except his lungs - and the only major system that is still developing is his digestive system.

Best Moment of The Week | Getting to see our little man on the ultrasound today.  She even switched over to 4D for a little bit for us to see his incredibly squishy cheeks and lips.  He is measuring right on track and his heart rate is 144bpm.  I also had the Group B Strep Test done and had my cervix checked (holy ow!) and am still "high and thick" which is to be expected.  

Looking Forward To |  My parents are coming this weekend to help me finish getting everything ready.  We have plans for lots of laundry, organizing and making freezer meals.  And now our appointments are EVERY. WEEK.  

Next Apt. | March 7th

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