Eat Drink & Be Mary: Baby T Weeks 28-30


Baby T Weeks 28-30

Well hello there third trimester.  Y'all this pregnancy is truly flying.  But I feel like March is still so far away at the same time.  And as eager as I am to meet our little man, I'm loving being pregnant and enjoying every minute of it (ask me again in a month and I may have a different opinion ;)).  Keep cookin' away little dude!

And now for a little bumpdate from the past 3 weeks...

Due Date | March 25 BUT my guess is our little one will make their appearance March 31st.

Size | Baby T is the size of  a pineapple -- around 3 lbs and 16 inches long.

Gender | It's a BOY! {see our gender reveal here}

Name | Jackson "Cole" Timmerman

Symptoms |  honestly, not to much to complain about recently.  Still peeing all the time, if possible its even increased as of lately.  Also, possibly braxton hicks these past three weeks as well -- I described it to my doctor as really dull cramping similar to period cramps and his guess is braxton hicks and to make sure I'm hydrated.  

Cravings |  ALL the Chic-Fil-A and Zaxbys ice please and thank you.  Oh and salads -- which is happily welcomed because the Christmas treats really got me this year.    

my two yoga buddies | 28w2d

Hormones | this week I read that the mood swings will be returning and all I could think is Poor Thomas...because honestly I'm not so sure they ever left...

Weight |  +25 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yep, that's right I gained 10 pounds in the last 5 weeks.  YIKES!  My doctor still said my weight looks good and that it was an extra week, but I'm hoping that my next appointment will be a lot less. 

Clothing |  I can still fit in some non-maternity shirts, and leggnigs but other than that it's all maternity clothes from here on out. 

Sleep | The pregnancy pillow that Thomas bought me for Christmas finally came in (dern you postal shipping) and it is a GAME CHANGER!  I have slept so amazingly well the last couple of nights.  Other than my usual 2-3, sometimes four, potty trips.

Nursery |  We have finally started making some actual progress in here now that the holidays have passed.  I had been purchasing things for a while, but it's time to start putting it together.  We moved the office furniture out, and have started organizing things we already have.  I'm hoping to get the crib from my SIL and to paint the cube that was already in the office this week.    {See the plans I have for his Safari Nursery in this post}

Purchases | Several nursery purchases (here, here and here), and I've always got my eye out for cute clothes on sale.  Our first baby shower is in two weeks so I'm trying to hold off on most stuff until after that.

Fun Fact | At 30 weeks baby is now strong enough to grasp your finger, 
and he will be putting on about a half a pound and half an inch for the next 10 weeks.

Best Moment of The Week | .My parents camp up for NYE and getting to hear our little man's heartbeat once again at our Jan. 8th apt. were both heart warming.  

NYE 2017

Looking Forward To | A trip to NC and maternity pictures this weekend and our baby shower next weekend.  EEK!

Next Apt. |  January 29th


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