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8 {MORE} Things You Need to Know to Be My BFF

This weekend I was going through my blog looking at different things I need to update when I came across this post.  8 things you need to know to be my BFF.  And it's inspired me to write a new, updated version of this post.  

But def. check out the first post.  One of my most embarrassing confessions is in that post.  


I wrote the first post a couple days before Thomas and I got married.  And a year and a half has passed by since then.  So we're overdue.  

Girl needs some caffeine, y'all. 
But first, coffee.  It's no joke that I'm not a morning person and coffee truly gives me life.  And then my mid-afternoon Coke Zero is a must have too.  And if you're new here Dunkin Donuts is totally my go-to.  Yes, over Starbs.  

Target is my mothership.  
I know, I know.  I'm totally cliche so far.  But every. time. my best friends and I get together we hit up Target with an iced coffee (you guessed it, Dunkin Donuts) in hand.  Anyone else totally guilty of blacking out while in Target and suddenly you have $100 worth of stuff in your cart?
Breaking News: I totally only spent $4 when I went to Target last Monday.  Unheard of.

I drop my phone at least 5 times a day.  Thomas got me a new tempered glass cover for my phone for Christmas, and it cracked the first day.  Luckily, the actual phone hasn't cracked.  PTL.

I have a FurBaby.
Yeah, I am totally one of those girls. I never thought I would be.  But I'm totally obsessed with my dog.  Yes, she got a little stuffed toy for Christmas. And I bought her a special treat for Valentines day.  And I'm constantly trying to resist buying her other random things she doesn't need because hello she's a dog, how many bones does she need.  Well...

Related image

ps. doesn't she look HUGE here?  this post is from when we first got her.

Home Sweet Home.
I never expected to L O V E decorating our home as much as I do.  But I LOVE it.  I seriously spend hours dreaming of ways I would transform different rooms in our house.  And don't even get me started on Pinterest.  I'm currently working on our office (see the mood board here), but I've shared our dining room and bathroom make overs too.

My Love Language.
Okay so I know that your love language is actually how you like to be loved.  So I guess technically my giving-love language is gift giving.  This past weekend I was brainstorming post ideas and trying to think of things that I truly feel are "me."  And gift giving is totally my thing.  I go all out when it comes to pretty much any holiday.  But I really love doing the just because gifts for when a friend/loved one needs a little encouragement or pick me up.  

I have shared gift idea/baskets before.  AND you may have seen my DIY Valentines idea Monday, but prepare yourself for more gift idea type posts in the future.  Because it's totally my thing, and I don't know WHY I haven't been sharing more before now.

I seriously have cereal 2-3 times a week for dinner, and could honestly eat it every night.  My faves are Lucky Charms and Cheerios.  In fact, I could each pretty much any breakfast food (not waffles though) everyday of the week.  I'm talking eggs, bagels, cereal.. #drooling

I've had my share of anxiety since college.  BUT the amount of anxiety I get when I enter a car is unreal.  I hate driving.  But I can handle driving to my normal places - work, Target, the grocery store.  But anywhere else?  And I'm a total wreck.  And the interstate?  Straight up terrible.  Unfortunately, it's just as bad (if not worse) when someone else is driving.  No matter where we are going I just can't handle it.  So I keep my nose in my phone as much as possible.

And that's it for this fine Monday y'all.  Now that you know so much about me, tell me something about yourself down in the comments.  Hey, only 12 more days until Spring Break.  We can do it people!!

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The BEST Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up my dad always said that the best chocolate chip cookies were from the Nestle Toll House recipe.  You know, the one on the back of the chocolate chips bag.  

Two notes before I finish my story:
1. I don't like chocolate (with very few exceptions), but I often often bake with chocolate  -- less tempted to eat it ya know. ;)
2. My husband is absolutely obsessed with basically anything and everything chocolate.

So back to the story...

A couple weeks ago, Thomas asked me to make him some chocolate chip cookies.  And was totally shocked when I brought him from scratch chocolate chip cookies.  But he 100% agreed with my dad.  Nestle Toll House is the way to go.  

After, I basically won over my husbands heart, again, he wanted me to up the chocolate factor and make double chocolate chip cookies.

I already had cocoa powder in the pantry.  And boom, these babies were born.  

Also, protip bake the original chocolate chip cookies on 350, not 375. for softer cookies

To Make Double Chocolate Chip Cookies: Simply whip up the recipe for chocolate chip cookies according to the back of the bag of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips.  Add 3/4 cup of cocoa powder.  AND if you really wanna go over the top -- which is the way T prefers -- add a second bag of chocolate chips.

NOTE: your cookies should turn out blacker than the ones pictured.  These are from one of my testing phases, BUT took beautiful pictures.  #bloggerprobs

Happy Weekending boo thangs.  Enjoy your weekend filled with double chocolate chip cookies.  T and I are road tripping up to NC for my grandparents birthdays, and there will be lots of pasta.  Literally, SO excited.

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C U R R E N T L Y + G O A L S

distressed knee high waisted jeans | forever21 (similar)
booties | maurices (on sale for $9 whatttttt?)
sunnies | romwe

Currently I'm.. 

Drinking: Coffee. Water. And Coke Zero.  Everyday.  I can't go without these.  Although, I am working on only drinking one Coke Zero a day...

Cooking/Baking: These egg "muffins" and double chocolate chip cookies (recipe coming soon).

Wearing: This Olive Off the Shoulder Sweater.  I'm all about olive lately -- thinking about getting some olive motto leggings too -- and love how baggy and cozy it is.

Feeling: pumped to start working on this month's goals.

Praying: for patience. all day, everyday y'all.

Crafting: Currently working on putting together a gallery wall in our office.  AND I'm trying to make myself "pie day" (March 14th) and St. Patrick's Day shirts to wear to work..with the help of my handy dandy Cricut.

Buying: It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream (light) and this brush to go along with it.  Then I got a spray tan, and couldn't really use it..but I do love it.  So also I'm currently using the Milani foundation -- BUT I'm super excited to be trying it out because when I first bought it I got medium beige...uhhhhhh?  So, found my foundation for Summer ;)  and as I keep up the spray tans.

Listening To: Ed Sheeran - Shape of You AND Sam Hunt - Body Like a Back Road

And now that we've caught up a little on what I've been up to this month, let's jump to those goals...

As for my February goals, I'd say I did okay.  Let's take a little look..

+ keep track of the # of oz of water intake each day | January's goal was to drink 100oz a day, February's was to track intake better so I would actually know how much I drank.  And well, while I drank a good bit of water each day I totally failed at tracking it.  But I've put trackers in my planner to track the water and I know I'll do better this month.  

+ workout 6/7 days a week | meh, but I have a better plan this month, see below.

+ get down a good skincare routine | yes, I've done so much better washing my face each night, using eye cream and moisturizer and doing different masks for hydrating and exfoliating.  Pretty proud of myself with this one, and hope to continue.

+ finish decorating office | okay, finish no.  BUT I feel like I didn't fully think that goal through.  We've cleaned it out.  I've planned out and bought everything I need for the walls.  I just need to get another desk and floor lamp and then actually start hanging things up.  But I'd consider this great progress.

+ wear more lipstick | Nailed it.  Thinking of narrowing it down to a couple shades I wanna purposefully use throughout the month, that I might neglect more.  Maybe...


+ 21 day fix + 22 Minute Hard Corps | So obviously what I was trying for working out wasn't working before, mainly due to lack of motivation (even though I have a good why and goal month).  SOO I purchased the 22 minute hard corps workout program, which came with the 21 day fix containers and shakeology shakes.

Before T and I got married I did 21 day fix workouts but didn't use the containers or shakes.  I saw good results, but of course not following the eating is totally cheating yourself.  SO I'm all in this month, and super excited to be working with Lauren who is already fantastic at motivating me.  

Anyone else tried any of these programs?  Let me know your results/thoughts/suggestions below.

+ Drink 100oz/Track intake daily | I am a broken record.  But I will accomplish this goal this month.

+ Choose desk/floor lamp for office.

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11 New Puppy Essentials

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FeedDogsPurina #CollectiveBias

Remi at 4 months

Thinking of getting a puppy? Well, as cute and snugly as they can be, they're also balls of straight up energy who need a lot of things. 

When Thomas called me asking me if I wanted a 9 week old black lab, I honestly had no clue what I was getting myself into.  But it was love at first sight.  

And while rescue dogs need a lot of love, they need a lot of other stuff too.  

So, if you're thinking of getting a puppy I've gotchu on all your must haves.





Dog Chow® Puppy Chow® Natural

Food + Water Bowls

Chew Toys/Bones


    Name Tag

Puppy-Safe Training Treats

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaner

Like I said, I had no clue what I was getting into with our crazy pup.  Luckily, my husband did which made deciding what puppy chow to go with an easy one.  Our Remi girl has enjoyedDog Chow® Puppy Chow® Natural since we've had her.  And let's be honest, that girl can eat!
Dog Chow® Puppy Chow® Natural is made in the USA and has a highly digestible formula.  Not to mention its made by dog lovers, so you know it's the best for your four-legged best friend.

We pick it up at Target, and there are so many options as far as dog food goes.  When you pick up your essentials, be sure to use your Cartwheel app because there are several deals on there you don't wanna miss.

Cartwheel Deals:

20% off Dog Chow (all sizes) – 3/5 – 3/11

20% off Beyond Dry (all sizes) – 3/12 – 3/18

20% off ONE dry (all sizes) – 3/19 – 3/25

If you follow me on snapchat you know I'm totally obsessed with our Remi girl.  And I hope this post helps you get prepared for your new four-legged bundle of joy.  

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