Eat Drink & Be Mary: December 2017


2017 Year in Review

"Year in Review" posts are always one of my faves to read from other bloggers and to look back on myself.  So here we are ending the year with one final post.  
Any one else feel like 2017 went by incredibly fast?  Here's to hoping I'll do better with posting consistently in 2018.  But either way...
Now for a little look at 2017...


I rang in the new year with my parents and a resolution to eat more pizza (and totally rocked it!).  We took our niece to build-a-bear, watched college friends get married, and raised our little puppy.  Oh and I kicked off the year with some 2017 goals -- and I'm pretty sure I miserably failed.  


I visited my best friends as they moved into new apartments, Remi started to not look so much like a puppy anymore, and I got to see another best friend's little baby boy for the first time.


We celebrated my Grandmama and Bubby's birthdays, my parents visited, went to the Steeple Chase, Thomas and the other men on his shift at the station were awarded the "Firefighter Commendation Award", and we went to see Tim Tebow play baseball.  Oh, and I shared the best double chocolate chip cookies recipe.


We watched our niece play soccer and our nephew play baseball.  I started on with the beach body nutrition plan and workouts (and can't wait to get back on it after baby T makes his arrival) and shared several posts related that health journey.  Care came to visit, we celebrated Easter, and I made a trip back to our alma mater with my college roommate to watch the BMC concert.

MAY ||

We made a trip up to Boone for my Grandaddy's birthday and mother's day, I fell in love with the beauty that is walmart grocery pick-up, and I basically just held my breath as we squeaked into the last months of the school year before Christmas break.


I made it to Summer Break (hallelujah!), opened up about my anxiety struggles (here and here), and we went on our yearly beach trip with Thomas' family.


We celebrated July 4th with Thomas' family & fireworks, I went on a birthday beach trip with my best friends, we found out we are PREGNANT (7/16) and it was the most exciting secret we kept for four whole weeks, we took our nephew to AirStrike, and celebrated Thomas' 27th birthday.


Thomas and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary, we told our parents and a couple weeks later my grandparents about Baby T, and I started my 3rd year teaching middle school.


We FINALLY spilled the beans about Baby T and the rest is pretty much a blur.


I turned 26, my best friends visited for my birthday, Thomas went to his first Florida Gator game, my mom came to visit and helped me do about a month's worth of laundry (ha!), I went to Boone for the Woolly Worm Festival and Valle Country Fair, I went to an acapella competition with Thomas' sisters, and we celebrated Halloween Trick-or-Treating with our nieces and nephews.


We had our gender reveal with both of our families to find out our little babe is a BOY!  I visited Charlotte to celebrate my best friend's birthday, had two different Thanksgivings with each of our families, and of course got some Black Friday shopping done.  OH, and we picked out our third Christmas tree.


We celebrated Remi's gotcha day one year ago, have fit in all the Christmas activities and movies we can, went to my first NFL game (Go Panthers!), celebrated Ellie's first birthday, and our last Christmas as a family of two.  Eek!

Seriously, I love looking back at all this year has brought us.  Gives me all the feels and heart eyes.  AND I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store.  Happy New Year friends.

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