Eat Drink & Be Mary: Baby T is a...


Baby T is a...

If you missed our announcement on Instagram this week, we had our geneder veal's a boy!! 

side note: earlier on in the pregnancy I was pretty convinced it was a girl, and around October I started waivering and considering it was  boy.  But about a week before our 20 week ultrasound I was suddenly convinced it was a little boy growing in there, and whaddya know.  

When we first decided to do a gender reveal, I loved the excitement and build up of it all (and picture opportunity), and finding out with our families sounded like so much fun.  BUT I didn't want an over the top, everybody and their mama invited, stressing over the decorations and all event.  And I have to admit what we came up with was pretty darn perfect.

Our 20 week appointment was Tuesday, and we gave the gender scan to Thomas' friend the next day so he could fill the balloon up with the correct color paint and his girlfriend could make the cake.  Thankfully, neither one cracked or spilled the beans before Sunday.

We did the reveal first thing, and Thomas said shooting the balloon he was even more nervous than he had ever been with a deer.  And ever since I've been tickled pink to know we have a little man on the way.  

side note: all the girls, my brother-in-law and father-in-law guessed girl.  Myself and all the rest of the boys guessed girl.  

Once my eyes saw that blue paint, I screamed and Thomas threw up his hands in excitement.  I cried a couple tears of joy, and honestly, I almost started crying before he shot the balloon I was just so darn excited to find out about our little one. And then we took pictures and relaxed and hung out with our families.  

all the happy tears!

At the reveal we had both of our families, and the friends that set up the balloon with paint and the cake.  The only decorations we used were the balloons on each side of the hay bale, and since everyone ate brunch prior we only had a couple desserts to snack on.  Seriously y'all, perfection.

My mom and I made blondies with pink and blue chocolate drops, my SIL make these delicious sausage and cream cheese croissants (that I definitely need to share on here), and Morgan made us the most gorgeous cake with ombre blue inside for our little man.  She may not know it yet, but she's basically going to be our family's official cake go-to now.  ;)

And now let the shopping for our little man begin.  Give me all the baby boy stuff!  Send your suggestions of sites/shops I should check out in the comments.
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