Eat Drink & Be Mary: October 2017


Baby T Week 16

Date | March 25, 2018

Size | Baby T is the size of a pack of skittles or an eclair - about 4.5 inches long.and 4 oz.

Gender | we won't be finding out until November

Symptoms |heartburn, nighttime nausea, gagging while brushing my teeth and peeing all the time are still regulars around here.

Cravings/Aversions | The nacho supreme from Taco Bell, apples, and after seeing we're getting a Panda Express soon I couldn't stop thinking about it.  So after my apt yesterday, I picked some up -- yum!  

Hormones | Thomas is sticking with I'm moody, so yeah...

Weight | +2.4 pounds 

Clothing | Still wearing tight clothes for my weekly pictures and still looking more chubby than pregnant.  BUT although I wouldn't say I'm showing my belly definitely looks different than before I became pregnant.

Sleep |  I'm still waking up every 2-3 hours to pee, and trying to sleep on my sides which is proving to be difficult when trying to fall back asleep.

is this tee not the cutest?  my best friends made it for me.

Nursery | I have ideas for boy or girl but nothing will be done until we know the gender for sure.

Purchases | 2 books & some moccasins.  Still holding off for most things until after our gender reveal

Fun Fact | Baby T is moving all around in his/her cozy little home and hopefully soon I'll be able to feel all that movement.  Also Baby T can hear all the sounds I make -- poor kid hears a lot of "be quiet" "be calm" and "did you raise your hand" all day long ;)

Best Moment of The Week/Looking Foward To | hearing our sweet ones heartbeat at yesterday's apt. was the sweetest sound

Next Apt. | November 7th - anatomy & gender scan eek!!

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