Eat Drink & Be Mary: OH BABY, Baby T Arriving 2018!


OH BABY, Baby T Arriving 2018!


In case you missed it yesterday...we're having a baby!!  And we are 100% over the moon excited about it.  Baby T will be making his/her arrival in March 2018.  eek!

This hopefully explains my absence on here lately.  One, I haven't been feeling all that great.  And two, it was so hard to come up with things to write about when all  I wanted to do was spill the beans.  For the first four weeks after we found out it was actually really fun to keep the secret between Thomas and I.  And I think it brought us even closer.  But I've loved being able to share with friends and family the past four weeks.  This is such an exciting, new fun season we are in and I'm excited for the adventure ahead.  

Later this week I'll be sharing a first trimester recap and a Q&A post with all the deets soooo send all your questions my way and I'll answer them on here shortly.  Happy Wednesday loves.

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