Eat Drink & Be Mary: Fall Bucket List


Fall Bucket List

After moving down to the official south, Fall is 100% my favorite season of the year.  And luckily for me, Fall weather truly sticks around from October-December/January.  I'm convinced that 70 degrees is the absolute perfect weather.  Not to mention Fall fashion is my favorite too.

So this year, I want to make sure T and I make the most of our Fall and I've created a Fall to-do list for us to complete.  I'm hoping to accomplish all these things from the end of September through the end of November-ish.  

Do any of y'all create bucket lists for this time of year?  What do you and your family do each fall?

+ Create three fall inspired recipes (I'm thinking these three: here, here and here)

+ Wooly Worm Festival & Valle Country Fair

+ Panthers Football Game (although we may go in December)

+ make a bonfire and roast marshmallows

+ carve pumpkins & roast the pumpkin seeds to enjoy

+ start my Christmas shopping (yes, I like to start this early but it also helps to spread it out)

+ snuggle by the fire (we rarely use our fireplace but I hope to a little more this year)

+ go trick-or-treating with our nieces and nephews

+ bake a pumpkin pie (or several) and maybe try an apple pie for the first time

+ watch Hocus Pocus

+ go Black Friday shopping

+ pick out our Christmas tree

+ and of course, drink about 3543 pumpkin spice lattes ;)

Anyone have good recipes for an apple pie (one of the cinnamon side possibly)?  What are you looking forward to this fall?  

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