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Baby T Week 14

Hello Second Trimester.  To be honest I'm not sure if week 13 or 14 is the beginning of this trimester, but either way we made it!  So here this goes...

Due Date | March 25, 2018

Size | Baby T is the size of a twinkie or large lemon -- approx. 3.4 inches and 1.5 oz

Gender | we won't be finding out until November

Symptoms | the heartburn, oh the heartburn.  still nauseas at night or if I get too hungry.

Cravings/Aversions | pretty much all meat sounds gross with the rare occassion of a yummy hamburger or steak.  As far as cravings I'm all about carbs still and Zaxby's white cheddar bites.  Also, I eat cereal and breakfast sandwiches like they're going out of style.

I also had an INTENSE craving for Olive Garden's fettucine alfredo, as in I felt like I could taste it right then and there.

Hormones | the other day we were going through the old wives tales and I asked Thomas if he would say I've been more moody or happy and he said Moody without much there's that ;)

Weight | none so far

Clothing | I have to wear pretty tight clothing for my weekly pictures so you can see the difference each week, and you cant really tell at all in my normal clothes.  So I have a feeling maternity clothes are not in the near future..however my SIL did give me a lot of hers.

Sleep | Getting comfortable is easy, but I love sleeping on my back/belly so that'll all be coming to an end soon.  BUT waking up every 2-3 hours to pee is getting old real quick.

Nursery | I have ideas for boy or girl but nothing will be done until we know the gender for sure.

Purchases | so far the only things we've bought are a pair of moccasins for pictures, curtains for the nursery (regardless of gender) and THE CUTEST elephant paci-plushie.

Fun Fact | Baby T can now smile, frown, squint and suck his/her thumb.  

Best Moment of The Week/Looking Foward To | my parents are coming this weekend and I can't wait!

Next Apt. | October 10th

Pregnancy Posts || 

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Fall Bucket List

After moving down to the official south, Fall is 100% my favorite season of the year.  And luckily for me, Fall weather truly sticks around from October-December/January.  I'm convinced that 70 degrees is the absolute perfect weather.  Not to mention Fall fashion is my favorite too.

So this year, I want to make sure T and I make the most of our Fall and I've created a Fall to-do list for us to complete.  I'm hoping to accomplish all these things from the end of September through the end of November-ish.  

Do any of y'all create bucket lists for this time of year?  What do you and your family do each fall?

+ Create three fall inspired recipes (I'm thinking these three: here, here and here)

+ Wooly Worm Festival & Valle Country Fair

+ Panthers Football Game (although we may go in December)

+ make a bonfire and roast marshmallows

+ carve pumpkins & roast the pumpkin seeds to enjoy

+ start my Christmas shopping (yes, I like to start this early but it also helps to spread it out)

+ snuggle by the fire (we rarely use our fireplace but I hope to a little more this year)

+ go trick-or-treating with our nieces and nephews

+ bake a pumpkin pie (or several) and maybe try an apple pie for the first time

+ watch Hocus Pocus

+ go Black Friday shopping

+ pick out our Christmas tree

+ and of course, drink about 3543 pumpkin spice lattes ;)

Anyone have good recipes for an apple pie (one of the cinnamon side possibly)?  What are you looking forward to this fall?  

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First Trimester Pregnancy Recap

Y'all I still can't believe that the beans have been spilled.  I've been biting my tongue for so long now it's feels weird to finally be able to talk about it so openly with y'all.  

So, since I've been keeping it a secret I thought I'd catch y'all up with a brief little recap of the past couple of weeks.  And of course, to have it all here to look back on one day.

Also, can we talk about how weird pregnancy weeks are?  Some things I read say that week 12 is the end of the 1st trimester and some say week 13.  And then how some months are longer than others?  Idk, it's all so confusing.  

So back to all things first trimester...

| Big Events |

Positive Pregnancy Test: July 16 (4 weeks)
First Doctors Apt./Sonogram: August 9 (7 weeks 3 days)
Told our parents: August 11 & 12
Told the great-grandparents-to-be: August 26 & 27
Second Doctors Apt./hearing the heartbeat again: September 12 (12 weeks 2 days)
I told my students yesterday and they were the cutest.  Some of my boys literally couldn't believe it, and a lot of girls were confused because I don't look pregnant yet.  Pretty much all of them wanted to know right away if Baby T is a boy or girl.  One little dude was so excited he gave me a hug and declared he was gonna be an uncle! haha.  And an entire class wants to have a baby shower, and have already started guessing if its a boy or girl.  Ah..six graders, gotta love 'em.
fun fact: the night before I took the pregnancy test I had the most realistic dream that I took the test and it was positive.  When then really psyched me out when I woke up, but obviously it was still positive in real life too. ;)

| Cravings |

Nothing makes me want to throw up necessarily.  But up until about 8 or 9 weeks, nothing sounded good either.  Except carbs.   Carbs are a totally different story.  I'm all about some carbs.

The only real cravings I've had are for french fries dipped in ketchup.

| How I'm Feeling | 

Before we even "knew" I was pregnant, I felt like I knew because I had the worst heartburn and sore tatas like I've never had before.  Other symptoms I've had the past couple months are vivid dreams and occasional nausea, which increases if I get really hungry, when I lay down at night, or when I brush my teeth.  
And don't even get me started on the exhaustion.  I'm napping everyday after work (and I'm a no nap type of girl) and in bed by 10pm.  And I'm still exhausted by 10 or 11am everyday.  But I hear getting my energy back is on the horizon.  
Oh and last thing.  The amount of times I pee in a day is insane.  And night time is even worse.  I'm up 2 or 3 times at night, but again I've heard and am HOPING that'll also go away in the second trimester.  

Thomas and I are both still just so so excited that have a little one on the way.  We've talked about having a family for years (even before we were married), and now all our dreams are coming true.  

Stay tuned each week for updates, and other non-baby related stuff too.  Now that I'm finally feeling more like myself I plan on hoping right back on the blogging wagon.  

Don't forget I'm working on a post to answer all the questions you have about the pregnancy so far, so put your questions in the comments or hit me up on Instagram.

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OH BABY, Baby T Arriving 2018!


In case you missed it yesterday...we're having a baby!!  And we are 100% over the moon excited about it.  Baby T will be making his/her arrival in March 2018.  eek!

This hopefully explains my absence on here lately.  One, I haven't been feeling all that great.  And two, it was so hard to come up with things to write about when all  I wanted to do was spill the beans.  For the first four weeks after we found out it was actually really fun to keep the secret between Thomas and I.  And I think it brought us even closer.  But I've loved being able to share with friends and family the past four weeks.  This is such an exciting, new fun season we are in and I'm excited for the adventure ahead.  

Later this week I'll be sharing a first trimester recap and a Q&A post with all the deets soooo send all your questions my way and I'll answer them on here shortly.  Happy Wednesday loves.

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