Eat Drink & Be Mary: My Struggle with Anxiety | part 1


My Struggle with Anxiety | part 1

Your heart is racing.  The walls feel like they're closing in on you.  You feel like you can't control your breathing.  You're paranoid.  You feel like your world is spinning out of control.


Y'all its not joke.

I've touched on my anxiety before on this blog before.  But I haven't talked a lot about my actual struggle with anxiety.

Let me be clear, I actually have not been to the doctor about my anxiety, I do not take any medication for it, nor do I want to.  
To me anxiety can appear in many different forms.

My anxiety started in college and honestly I didn't even know it was anxiety at first.  

Often times it hits me out of no where, I start to feel out of control, and my heart always feels like it's racing uncontrollably.  Sometimes it starts from with paranoia.  I think I'm going to get in trouble at work, or thinking someone was talking about me, or that I've upset someone.

I think it's important to know that anxiety can come in all forms and how you deal with anxiety is different for each person.

{ read part 2 here }

One thing that has helped me is identifying that I do have anxiety and learning different strategies that help me personally overcome it.  Lately something that has helped me to get out of my head and not so focused on what is causing my anxiety is listening to music.

At the end of the school year patience is thin and the students are loosing all ability to stay calm and not drive this teacher insane.  This combination does bode well for anyone really, but I did my best to stay calm and address chaos.  However, everyday when my planning period would arrive I desperately needed to unwind and decompress.  

Anxiety at an all time high.  Patience at an all time low. 

I would turn to Pandora "Bethel Live" radio and began to realize that specific songs seemed to help bring me down quicker.  And as I've mentioned before I often turn to scriptures and quotes as well. {see the posts herehere and here}

This post is already really heavy with something I've struggled to put into words for a while now.  So I'm going to stop here, BUT tomorrow I'll be back sharing another huge part of my anxiety struggle and a spotify playlist that has helped me a lot recently.  


I would love for you to comment below and share in your relationship with anxiety with us.  It hasn't be easy for me to write this post, however, I'm hoping it'll help someone else out there struggling as well.  Comment below things that have helped you when your anxiety is at an all time high, so we can all benefit and kick our anxiety to the curb.


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