Eat Drink & Be Mary: Edisto Island '17 | Family Beach Trip Recap


Edisto Island '17 | Family Beach Trip Recap

Another beach trip is in the books y'all. 

Every year Thomas' family takes a beach trip to Edisto Island.  And can I just say how lucky I got with my inlaws.  Some people dread going on vacation or spending more than a couple days with their inlaws and I just LOVE it.  Not to mention that just means even more time with our sweet 4 nephew and nieces.  

This family doesn't take their beach time lightly.  We're usually out on the beach no later than 10:30, come up for lunch, and back at it until 5ish.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Usually our beach time is filled with cornhole and the evenings filled with pictionary, BUT we forgot both this year.  SO instead we tried our hands at boccee ball, sand castle building, hitting a racquet ball back and forth with paddles, and A LOT of reading.  

Five years y'all.  I can't believe Thomas invited me to go on a beach trip to meet his family five years ago, and we started dating on that trip as well.  Time flies, amiright?!  

And now for the pictures...


{as seen on instagram}


We've been back to reality for almost a week now, and the struggle has been real.  I have NO motivation to eat healthy or workout. And better yet, tomorrow I'm packing up and going on a beach trip for one of my best friends birthdays.  Hello long weekend at the beach..again.  Man I love this life I live.

What does a beach trip/week look like for your family?  What are your go-to beach games?  

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