Eat Drink & Be Mary: C U R R E N T L Y + SUMMER G O A L S



Currently I'm.. 

Drinking: I mentioned in my virtual coffee date, that I"ve given up soda again.  So only coffee and water for this girl.  Which means A LOT of Mio.  Anyone else obsessed with Mio?

Cooking/Baking: We just got back from vacation and I've loved the break from cooking and eating healthy (oops!).  BUT today I'm getting back on track, starting with a Publix run.  My Life Well Loved is always talking about her Publix finds on instastories, and basically convinced me I need to go -- forgoing my usual Walmart Grocery Pick Up.  Anyways lots of fried eggs, chicken recipes, AND a healthier buffalo chicken dip recipe to come.

Wearing: bathing suits and workout clothes.  happy summer y'all.  

Feeling: Relaxed -- a week of vacation will do that to ya.{stay tuned for a trip recap on Wednesday}  But I'm motivated and ready to get back on track this week before another long weekend birthday beach trip with my best girls.  ALSO, I have a butt load of classwork to catch up on from being out of town and only a couple of days to do so.  So motivated pretty much HAS to be what I'm feeling.  Send positive vibes my way.  #halp

Buying: I really haven't been buying much lately.  You welcome husband.  BUT I did order more Lipsense lately and just got them in the mail.  Color me obsessed.  Yesterday I wore Kiss for a Cause (see it on my instastories now) and today I'm wearing Praline Rose.  I'm probably going to do a full post on my thoughts on Lipsense soon, BUT what are your favorite shades?  

Lipsense -- Kiss for a Cause

Excited About: a long weekend at the beach for my best friends birthday.  all the feels y'all.  I'm too excited.

Pinning: best paint colors for a modern farmhouse | one hour garlic rollsthis quote

Deep Life Quote: Fall in love with somebody who will never let you go to sleep wondering if you still matter.

Thankful For: Summer Break, all my fellow teacher friends can I get an AMEN?  But seriously y'all, Thomas and I were talking about this yesterday and I am just so so thankful for a much needed break in between years of teaching the future of our country. ;)  But really, that's quite the daunting task.  And can I just say I am in total shock that June has all but passed us by already...why does time fly so quickly.  

And now that we've caught up a little on what I've been up to this month, let's jump to those goals...

So I never did set June goals last month, so instead I'm switching it up a little and setting some goals for what I want to accomplish over Summer break and will recap at the end of August.  Here we go...

+ order desk for the office

+ organize linen closet

+ re-paint guest bed frame

+ complete & pass summer course work

+ order & install office light

+ clean kitchen cabinets

+ paint outside bench

+ outside plants

AND there you have it.  Here's to hoping EVERYTHING gets crossed off my list by the end of the month.  It's been a while since I did once of these posts...what are you currently up to.  What are your goals this summer?  And just for giggles, let me know how you found this post in the comments -- bloglovin? facebook?  do you purposely come to my blog everyday?  

Happy Monday friends.  

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