Eat Drink & Be Mary: June 2017


Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip | 21 Day Fix Approved

You know a recipe is good when your husband eats the entire batch in one day.  

No lie, y'all.

Are love for buffalo chicken dip is no secret.  In fact, I've shared several recipes - with different twist variations - on this her blog.  See here and here.  Those recipes are tried and true and you seriously can't go wrong with them.


Today's version of our beloved buffalo chicken dip is a healthier, skinny version. that yes is 21 day fix approved.  HOLLA!

The original recipe that for the skinny buffalo chicken dip was shared by Lindsay Ann my beachbody coach.  {she's seriously the bomb y'all} and then I made a couple adjustments -- and jackpot y'all.


2 Cans of Chunk Chicken, 16 oz
3/4 cup Plain Greek Yogurt, fat free (approx. 1.5 of the individual 5.3 yogurts)
1 Greek Yogurt Ranch Packet
1/4 cup Wing Sauce
1/2 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese


+ Shred chicken, and mix chicken and greek yogurt in a crockpot on low, wait 30 minutes.

+ Add wing sauce, shredded cheese, and ranch packet.  Wait 15-20 minutes, until cheese is melted and the dip is completely warmed.

1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Yellow


1. Lindsay Ann's recipe called for 6 chicken breasts, I just prefer the ease of chicken already cooked and chunked

2. Her recipe calls for hot sauce, Thomas just prefers wing sauce.  Also, if you prefer more spicy dips I'd add 1/2 cup.

3. A crockpot just makes this recipe easy and and quick, but you could definitely throw all this together and bake in the over as well.

4. I chose to serve with these Crunchmaster Crackers that Lindsay Ann mentioned in her post, but carrots and celery would also be healthy alternatives.  AND Thomas ate the dip with tostitos chips -- to each their own.

5. Side note: the lemon lemon drink in these pictures is the bomb dot com.

TGIF Friends!  This recipe is PERFECT for the 4th of July -- or like Thomas you can just have it for dinner.  What is your go-to party/holiday healthy or 21 day fix recipe?  Leave the link below so I can start making plans for the 4th.

Oh and while you're reading this I'm back at the beach.  Eek!  Stay caught up on instagram/stories.

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Edisto Island '17 | Family Beach Trip Recap

Another beach trip is in the books y'all. 

Every year Thomas' family takes a beach trip to Edisto Island.  And can I just say how lucky I got with my inlaws.  Some people dread going on vacation or spending more than a couple days with their inlaws and I just LOVE it.  Not to mention that just means even more time with our sweet 4 nephew and nieces.  

This family doesn't take their beach time lightly.  We're usually out on the beach no later than 10:30, come up for lunch, and back at it until 5ish.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Usually our beach time is filled with cornhole and the evenings filled with pictionary, BUT we forgot both this year.  SO instead we tried our hands at boccee ball, sand castle building, hitting a racquet ball back and forth with paddles, and A LOT of reading.  

Five years y'all.  I can't believe Thomas invited me to go on a beach trip to meet his family five years ago, and we started dating on that trip as well.  Time flies, amiright?!  

And now for the pictures...




Currently I'm.. 

Drinking: I mentioned in my virtual coffee date, that I"ve given up soda again.  So only coffee and water for this girl.  Which means A LOT of Mio.  Anyone else obsessed with Mio?

Cooking/Baking: We just got back from vacation and I've loved the break from cooking and eating healthy (oops!).  BUT today I'm getting back on track, starting with a Publix run.  My Life Well Loved is always talking about her Publix finds on instastories, and basically convinced me I need to go -- forgoing my usual Walmart Grocery Pick Up.  Anyways lots of fried eggs, chicken recipes, AND a healthier buffalo chicken dip recipe to come.

Wearing: bathing suits and workout clothes.  happy summer y'all.  

Feeling: Relaxed -- a week of vacation will do that to ya.{stay tuned for a trip recap on Wednesday}  But I'm motivated and ready to get back on track this week before another long weekend birthday beach trip with my best girls.  ALSO, I have a butt load of classwork to catch up on from being out of town and only a couple of days to do so.  So motivated pretty much HAS to be what I'm feeling.  Send positive vibes my way.  #halp

Buying: I really haven't been buying much lately.  You welcome husband.  BUT I did order more Lipsense lately and just got them in the mail.  Color me obsessed.  Yesterday I wore Kiss for a Cause (see it on my instastories now) and today I'm wearing Praline Rose.  I'm probably going to do a full post on my thoughts on Lipsense soon, BUT what are your favorite shades?  

Lipsense -- Kiss for a Cause

Excited About: a long weekend at the beach for my best friends birthday.  all the feels y'all.  I'm too excited.

Pinning: best paint colors for a modern farmhouse | one hour garlic rollsthis quote

Deep Life Quote: Fall in love with somebody who will never let you go to sleep wondering if you still matter.

Thankful For: Summer Break, all my fellow teacher friends can I get an AMEN?  But seriously y'all, Thomas and I were talking about this yesterday and I am just so so thankful for a much needed break in between years of teaching the future of our country. ;)  But really, that's quite the daunting task.  And can I just say I am in total shock that June has all but passed us by already...why does time fly so quickly.  

And now that we've caught up a little on what I've been up to this month, let's jump to those goals...

So I never did set June goals last month, so instead I'm switching it up a little and setting some goals for what I want to accomplish over Summer break and will recap at the end of August.  Here we go...

+ order desk for the office

+ organize linen closet

+ re-paint guest bed frame

+ complete & pass summer course work

+ order & install office light

+ clean kitchen cabinets

+ paint outside bench

+ outside plants

AND there you have it.  Here's to hoping EVERYTHING gets crossed off my list by the end of the month.  It's been a while since I did once of these posts...what are you currently up to.  What are your goals this summer?  And just for giggles, let me know how you found this post in the comments -- bloglovin? facebook?  do you purposely come to my blog everyday?  

Happy Monday friends.  

{ as seen on instagram }

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A Coffee Date | Let's Catch Up

Apparently writing two very word-heavy and emotionally-heavy posts drains a girl, and thus making it hard for me to come back and write another post on this here blog.  But here I am.

And halfway through June it's about time to pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in sister cause we've got catching up to do.

If we were having coffee, first off I'd let you know about the creamer I've been using lately and loving.  The Silk Almond Milk Creamer.  It's legit y'all.  Which I realize isn't a word that really describes it at all, but is my go-to word.  But really, it's so so good, less artifical tasting and better for you as well.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you that I've been doing the 21 day fix (free 1 week meal plan in this post) and killin' it these past three months.  Saturday I plan on measuring myself again to see the results from the past six weeks.  OH and thus I've been eating my wait in bananas, fried eggs and rice cakes lately -- but hey I'm not complaining.  AND this past week I've given up soda again, crazy?  Possibly.

If we were having coffee, we'd talk all about the caa-uuute athletic gear I've been finding lately.  I've been practically living in workout clothes lately, and so I've been searching everywhere to find the cutest stuff (without breaking the bank).  And obviously, I'd share them with you { pictures below } but also I've been LOVING the 90 degree fitness leggings from TJ Maxx as well for like $15.  Seriously, hit them up.

Just Do It Later | ROMWE

I'm a Whosoever | Not by Sight Co

 But Did You Die | Fitology

TJ Maxx

If we were having coffee, I'd let you know that my sweet and oh so adorable puppy drives me crazy with her barking.  She barks at our neighbor every. single. day.  Y'all, it's ridiculous.  I know it's because she's scared, but every once in a while she'll take a treat from him but then go back to barking.  Also, it's be SIX MONTHS.  Any suggestions?  I'm losing my mind.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you the online class I'm taking this Summer is kicking my butt.  There is something due every. day.  And it's killing me.  Pretty sure when I made it through college I was lucky enough, and thought all this type of stuff was behind me.  Ugh.

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about my obsession for instagram stories.  I'm still using snapchat (mainly because both of our families are on there) but I'm all about some IG stories lately.  If you're not following me on there -- get to it!  ;)  But really, I share a lot of behind the scenes - random "me" things - workout stuff.  Also, if you already watch my stories I'd ask what you want to see more of /less of.  Leave your suggestions in the comments below.  

If we were having coffee,  we would most definitely talk about the workouts I've been doing this week.  BECAUSE Shaun T released 7 new workouts this week on the Beachbody on Demand app and I'm loving it.  Today is 25 minutes of abs and I'm literally dreading it..yikes!  But I finally convinced Thomas to join me so at least I'll have some motivation.  

side note: I'm most definitely not trying to push the 21 day fix/BOD program on you.  You do you boo.  BUT if you are interested in getting into a new workout program I would definitely encourage you to try it.  

Then I'd realize that I've been talking your head off all morning without asking about your life lately.  How rude of me.  Please share below something you're excited about this morning.  Let's catch up.  And like I said above, for more everyday life follow me on instagram @maryjean_xo 

Happy Friday Eve peaches.

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May Favorites

Oh hey friends!  TGIF.  Although now that its Summer break (hallelujah!) its hard for me to keep up with what day of the week it is.  

Honestly after the two posts earlier this week about my anxiety, I am out of creative intros.  BUT these May Favorites are way over due.  So without further adieu...


Heather @ My Life Well Loved, blog | instagram

Courtney @ A Plus Life, blog | instagram

Thomas Rhett | I live for his instagram stories, that new little baby of his #allthehearteyes

Leanne @ Elle Apparel, blog | instagram


Casey Holmes

Laura Lee

Eleventh Gorgeous


L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara | ULTA

EcoTools Sponges | Target

This post may contain affiliate links.

DV Alyson Peep Toe Booties | Target

AEO Denim x Midi Short in White | American Eagle
tip: size up
ignore my brothers messy room

"I'm a Whosoever" | Not by Sight Co
I now want ALL the tops in her shop.  Also I sized up to make sure it was a lose fitting tee.

also pictured knock off birkenstocks

Knock Off Birkenstocks | Stein Mart 

"Summer Vibes Shorts" Distressed Shorts | Shop the Mint

Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies | ALDI 
aka: knock off girl scout cookies for half the price that you can find year round.  win.

In case you missed my favorite summer nail polishes,  my current fave of all my favorites for Summer polishes is "Cajun Shrimp" by OPI Infinite Shine 2


One Number Away by Luke Combs

Want to Want Me by Luke Bryan + Jason DeRulo
when I saw their performance at the CMT awards I was swoon.

My entire "Stressed" playlist that I shared in this post.

Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld

And that's it y'all.  Anyone else in total shock it's June?  What were your favorite in May?  What is your favorite song?

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My Struggle with Anxiety Pt. 2 | The time I totaled my car...

If you missed it, yesterday I opened up and share my struggle with anxiety.  

And here's the thing y'all.  Anxiety isn't a clear cut thing, it can look different for everyone.  

There's no rhyme or reason really.  Although this image pretty much sums it up.

Other than being late, which if you know me I am always cutting it close, this is me to a tee.  

However, today's post is about a totally different aspect of my anxiety.  

I'm honestly not sure if I've ever mentioned it on here before but...

When I was 16 and two months into having my license, I was in a pretty bad car wreck.  I was somewhere I wasn't supposed to be (sorry mom and dad) and driving home.  It was January and in the mountains.  It had been raining earlier that night, but wasn't anymore but it was really low temps.  Before I knew it I had started to drift of the road, and when I went to get back onto the road I over corrected.  

I honestly a blurry haze of what happened next, and it always has been.  The car behind me (happened to be a volunteer EMT, thank God) said it looked like I hit black ice.  And before I knew it I was doing donuts one direction, over correcting again and doing donuts the other direction.  I was then facing oncoming traffic and went end over end off the embankment only to land on upside down perfectly in between a tree and the side of the mountain.

I say perfectly because a little to the left or right would have been a completely different story.

Once my car hit the ground, I was left dangling upside down thanks to my seat belt.  Seriously, the seat belt saved my life.  And don't even get me started on people who don't think seat belts are necessary.

While screaming at the top of my lungs, said EMT helped me get out of the car and up the embankment.  And literally y'all the only thing on me that was injured was the smallest cut from glass on one of my fingers.  Oh and my car was totaled.  

All I remember from the rest of that night and the next morning, is taking a warm bath and just crying and crying and crying.  

Two weeks after my wreck my mom all but forced me to get behind the wheel in attempts to help me get over the wreck.  And I'm pretty positive that's the only reason I managed to drive again, anxiety or not.

All this to say...

I have l e g i t car anxiety.  Driving to and from work I can handle, and most places around my town that I drive frequently.  And honestly thats about it.  Driving anywhere else and I'm on the verge of a breakdown the entire time.  I can't handle curves (even after growing up in the mountains), I am constantly worried that we won't stop in time and while hit another car, or that someone won't see me and swerve into my lane.  The interstate is obviously 100x times worse, and don't even make me explain the feeling I get anywhere near an 18wheeler.  I hate driving.  And it only gets worse when someone else is driving.  I feel even more out of control (because I obviously am) and on the verge of losing my ish.

The only saving grace when someone else is driving is distractions.  I have to be reading or on my phone so that I'm no longer paying any attention to all that is going on around me.  If not it's gasps, hanging onto the door handle and the worst feeling.  

Honestly, even after I realized I have anxiety I didn't recognize that my car anxiety was this severe until I was explaining to my college roommate on a visit.  But let's be real.  If I never had to ride in a car again I wouldn't be sad about it for a second.  

Thomas is luckily really good about helping me with this.  And encourages me to look at my phone when I start to get too overwhelmed, and knows that he needs to drive everywhere.  Bless that man.

There are really only two ways I get through my anxiety in the car when its a must (like the roadtrip I took to NC this past weekend that brought about this post) LOTS of deep breaths and music.  

I would turn to Pandora "Bethel Live" radio and began to realize that specific songs seemed to help bring me down quicker.  So I started creating a playlist on Spotify.  You can listen the playlist here or I've listed them down below.

King of the World | Natalie Grant

Echo | Blanca

It Is Well | Bethel Music & Kristene DiMarco

Flawless | MercyMe

Because He Lives | Matt Maher

God Is on the Move | 7eventh Time Down
Strong Enough | Matthew West

Good Good Father | Chris Tomlin

Trust In You | Lauren Daigle

Limitless | Colton Dixon

Broken Things | Matthew West

Grace Wins | Matthew West

POSTS YOU MAY ENJOY: {click the images to visit the post}

 photo camoflauge jacket_crisscross tee4_dear anxiety_zpsmwjt9j2y.jpg photo 20 verses on anxiety and stress_zpsfzukle6c.jpg

I hope these songs will help you when you're in need of some destressing or when you feel the anxiety start to creep up on you.  Does anyone else experience car anxiety?  Have you ever been in a bad car wreck?  How did you get back behind the wheel afterwards?  

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My Struggle with Anxiety | part 1

Your heart is racing.  The walls feel like they're closing in on you.  You feel like you can't control your breathing.  You're paranoid.  You feel like your world is spinning out of control.


Y'all its not joke.

I've touched on my anxiety before on this blog before.  But I haven't talked a lot about my actual struggle with anxiety.

Let me be clear, I actually have not been to the doctor about my anxiety, I do not take any medication for it, nor do I want to.  
To me anxiety can appear in many different forms.

My anxiety started in college and honestly I didn't even know it was anxiety at first.  

Often times it hits me out of no where, I start to feel out of control, and my heart always feels like it's racing uncontrollably.  Sometimes it starts from with paranoia.  I think I'm going to get in trouble at work, or thinking someone was talking about me, or that I've upset someone.

I think it's important to know that anxiety can come in all forms and how you deal with anxiety is different for each person.

{ read part 2 here }

One thing that has helped me is identifying that I do have anxiety and learning different strategies that help me personally overcome it.  Lately something that has helped me to get out of my head and not so focused on what is causing my anxiety is listening to music.

At the end of the school year patience is thin and the students are loosing all ability to stay calm and not drive this teacher insane.  This combination does bode well for anyone really, but I did my best to stay calm and address chaos.  However, everyday when my planning period would arrive I desperately needed to unwind and decompress.  

Anxiety at an all time high.  Patience at an all time low. 

I would turn to Pandora "Bethel Live" radio and began to realize that specific songs seemed to help bring me down quicker.  And as I've mentioned before I often turn to scriptures and quotes as well. {see the posts herehere and here}

This post is already really heavy with something I've struggled to put into words for a while now.  So I'm going to stop here, BUT tomorrow I'll be back sharing another huge part of my anxiety struggle and a spotify playlist that has helped me a lot recently.  


I would love for you to comment below and share in your relationship with anxiety with us.  It hasn't be easy for me to write this post, however, I'm hoping it'll help someone else out there struggling as well.  Comment below things that have helped you when your anxiety is at an all time high, so we can all benefit and kick our anxiety to the curb.


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