Eat Drink & Be Mary: Why You Should Be Using Walmart Grocery Pick Up


Why You Should Be Using Walmart Grocery Pick Up

If you follow me on snapchat, you've heard me blab on about Walmart's Grocery Pick Up service.  And y'all it's so so good.  But before I get carried away let me give you the facts.  And please, please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

This is most definitely not sponsored: I am just o b s e s s e d with the fact that I can now get my groceries without having to go into the store . 



+ It's FREE!  Yes, free.  Unlike other stores, the is no charge for this service.

+ You do have to spend at least $30, but really who doesn't spend at least $30 when they go to Walmart.

+ You place your order online at

+ You can search items or chose from their departments (produce, organic shop, eggs & dairy), and simply add them to your cart.

+ It shows you your total as you go, for those of you on a budget (*raises hand*).

+ You have to place the order by midnight the day you want to pick it up.  As in, you can't place the order and pick it up hours later.  But you CAN place it Sunday and pick it up any day you want within the week.

+ You get to chose a day to pick up your groceries (as long as you did the above) and a hour slot within that day as late as 8pm.  

+ The employees will bring your groceries out to your car, and usually let you know which bags have your eggs/bread, and let you check out your product beforehand.  This all depends on the person bringing out your groceries, but I've never had a bad experience with this.

+ They never do you wrong.  A couple times they've been out of what I ordered.  There are two options when this happens.

1. They simply take it off your order, and obviously don't charge you for it.

2.  Substitute it with something similar.  For example: pumpkin seeds they'd either give you a different brand or the closest thing to like sunflower seeds. 

WELL, the last two times they've been out of the product and they totally hooked a girl up. 

The first time I ordered a 12 pack of sparkling water (12oz cans), and instead they gave me 12 1 Liter bottles of the same brand, same flavor sparkling water.  WIN.

Also, a blogger I follow on insta-stories, said when she ordered diapers they were out of the 25 pack and gave her the 75 pack free of charge.

Y'all this is literally to good.  

+ Call on your way to Walmart and when you arrive to shorten your wait time.  This is what Walmart suggests, but sometimes I only call when I arrive and they have brought it out within 5 minutes every time.

Except once.  But I'm pretty sure it was all because of the torrential downpour.  

Funny Story.  

Once I went after work to pick up the groceries (I usually do this on a weekend but had been out of town) and when I got to Walmart it began to rain.  It should also be noted that I had already driven 34 miles with my gas light on and I can go a max. of 40 miles.  YIKES!  

Then the down pour starts.  Next thing I know I've waited 17 minutes and the gal finally brings out my order.  I get out to help her, and I begin to load in the groceries, first a gallon of milk and then orange juice -- wait, I didn't order this.  

"I don't think this is my order."
"Your name is DeeDee right?"


*tries another hard to pronouce name*


And she heads back into the warehouse to find my long lost order, I assume.  Finally, with a total of 30-minutes I finally had my order, was completely drenched and just barely made it to the gas station without running out of gas.  

Last but not least, you can save $10 off your order with this referral link.  I'll also, get $10 off if you use it and that'd fo' sure help a girl out.  

And the best part?  As if saving $10 just because isn't enough.  You can try the service for free, you don't have to see all of Walmart's finest and still get your groceries, and if you hate it you don't have to do it again.  I mean, come on.

Let me know if you have any questions.  And happy shopping y'all.  

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