Eat Drink & Be Mary: C U R R E N T L Y + G O A L S


C U R R E N T L Y + G O A L S

Currently I'm.. 

Drinking: same as usual: water with mio, sparkling water, coke zero and my morning coffee.  although lately instead of normal creamer I've been using an almond milk creamer and it took a little getting used to I'm loving it now.  

Cooking/Baking: all the fried eggs one could dream of.  oh and this week I'm trying out this 3 ingredient, 21-day-fix-approved pizza recipe so we'll see how that goes.

Wearing: This Camoflauge Jacket UNDER $20 - Crisscross Tee from Walmart (what the what, I see you Walmart) for $7.  I can't stop wearing EITHER of them any chance I get.  Oh and I'm a total repeat offender with these jeans as well.  If I'm not at school or on my couch these bad boys are on my body.  No shame. 

Feeling: so incredibly tired.  I'm guessing it's the stress of state testing mixed with crazy 6th graders, but I've been over the top exhausted this past week.  Usually once I get up I'm good to go until after work, but I've been tired well into the afternoon lately.  Yesterday I even slept in until 10:30 and had to force myself out of bed bc I could've kept sleeping.  Odd.  

Praying: for patience. all day, everyday y'all.  #lifeinsixthgrade
I've also had a couple friends have stillbirths lately.  I can't imagine the pain and grief and everything else that comes along with that, so praying it is.

Crafting: I've been working on some summerish water bottles and although I wish the sticker was a tad bit larger, I like how this turned out.

Buying: Honestly, I haven't even bought that many things lately.  My husband would be proud.  BUT I did buy these OPI Infinte Shine 2 polishes on a BOGO sale from ULTA.  Cajun Shrimp + Got Myself into a JAM-Balaya.  And honestly I think I'm returning JAM-Balaya one, and suggestions on what shade I should pick up instead?

And now that we've caught up a little on what I've been up to this month, let's jump to those goals...

As for my April goals, I'd say I did pretty darn good.  Let's take a little look..

Continue and Improve with 21 Day Fix & Working Out | mehh.  I'm aiming for better this month.  

+ Make it through Testing Month | We still have testing for another week and a half.  Insert all the eye rolls here.  Not to mention the last week of school is exams for each content area too.  Why, just why!!

Declutter my makeup | Well I didn't really do this, but I've been working on wearing more of what I own so same type deal..sorta.

+ Try 3 new recipes & 1 new dessert | Let's see, I made spaghetti squash, broccoli mac and cheese, and chicken parmesan (all 21 day fix)  and I have a new dessert ready to go for next weekend.  Not to shabby.


+ Try 2 more new recipes.

+ Make it to summer break, June 2nd at 3pm I'm looking at you!

+ Only have one cheat meal a week.

+ Blog consistently 3x a week.

Alright May, bring it on.  I can totally do this; only 3 weeks-ish stand between me and summer break.  Oh glorious day!

What are your goals for this month?  

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