Eat Drink & Be Mary: The BEST Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


The BEST Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up my dad always said that the best chocolate chip cookies were from the Nestle Toll House recipe.  You know, the one on the back of the chocolate chips bag.  

Two notes before I finish my story:
1. I don't like chocolate (with very few exceptions), but I often often bake with chocolate  -- less tempted to eat it ya know. ;)
2. My husband is absolutely obsessed with basically anything and everything chocolate.

So back to the story...

A couple weeks ago, Thomas asked me to make him some chocolate chip cookies.  And was totally shocked when I brought him from scratch chocolate chip cookies.  But he 100% agreed with my dad.  Nestle Toll House is the way to go.  

After, I basically won over my husbands heart, again, he wanted me to up the chocolate factor and make double chocolate chip cookies.

I already had cocoa powder in the pantry.  And boom, these babies were born.  

Also, protip bake the original chocolate chip cookies on 350, not 375. for softer cookies

To Make Double Chocolate Chip Cookies: Simply whip up the recipe for chocolate chip cookies according to the back of the bag of the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips.  Add 3/4 cup of cocoa powder.  AND if you really wanna go over the top -- which is the way T prefers -- add a second bag of chocolate chips.

NOTE: your cookies should turn out blacker than the ones pictured.  These are from one of my testing phases, BUT took beautiful pictures.  #bloggerprobs

Happy Weekending boo thangs.  Enjoy your weekend filled with double chocolate chip cookies.  T and I are road tripping up to NC for my grandparents birthdays, and there will be lots of pasta.  Literally, SO excited.

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