Eat Drink & Be Mary: In My Shopping Cart | Spring Edition


In My Shopping Cart | Spring Edition

I am nothing if not a bomb dot com online shopper.  It is totally my thing.  

I've been searching all my fave sites, per usual, and thought it'd be fun to share a little of "what's in my shopping cart" or what I've recently pulled the trigger on.  

Also, let's all say a prayer that my husband doesn't read this post.  And isn't home when it all arrives at our door step. ;)

In My Shopping Cart... 
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Milani 2-in-1 Foundation | I actually have several shades of this for how tan I am, and I'm IN LOVE.

+ I saw Leanne (I'm pretty positive) wearing this shirt tied up and thought it was insanely cute, come spring and summer weather.  So I ran out and bought one, and at $8 I'm thinking I need to get more colors.

+ Turquoise Stainless Steel Tumbler | head over snapchat to see the decal I made to go on this (a steal at only $15)

+ my hubby bought me a FitBit Blaze this past week and I'm totally obsessed.  Bless him.

mustard ruffle romper | Thomas hates.  I love.  Basically, I need it.

+ we're getting close to being finished with redecorating our office, finally, and I'm wanting a second desk for the space.  possibly this one from amazon?

+ and another SUPER spring-y floral romper

+ in desperate need for some new jeans: here and here

+ "pray more worry less" wood block for the guest room.

+ this foundation with this brush

+ OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat | straight up amazing

+ wet n wild liquid lipstick for the win | $5 and my fave shade is rebel rose

+ and speaking of wet n wild this foundation

+ and I can't decide between the wet n wild photo focus pressed powder or the rimmel stay matte

eyelet flounce top

Okay, seriously this list could go on and on, so I'll just stop there.  I'm also on the edge of my seat trying to convince Mr. T to get some patio furniture.  I think I've found a winner, but we'll see.  If you know my husband we've got to check every. single. option. before purchasing.  *insert eye roll*

So, what should I purchase next?  What is in your shopping cart?  Leave a comment down below and help us all find the deals we should be shopping.  

May your shopping cart be full, your coffee be strong, and you day feel short.  Happy Monday loves.

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