Eat Drink & Be Mary: 15 under $15 | Office Decor


15 under $15 | Office Decor

I know, I know I've been blabbing your ears off about our office makeover.  But y'all it's actually starting to come together.  

The rooms been cleared out.  The new lighting has been chosen.  New carpet has arrived.  Still need to pick a new storage desk (for all my craft/Cricut materials), and add some small decor items and possibly a floor lamp and we'll be good to go.

But I've found so many gems as far as inexpensive but cuuute decor.  So I thought I'd round them up for y'all.  So here's my 15 prints and random knick knacks under $15


"Office Sweet Office" | I mean obviously...

Macaron Overload print

"Home is wherever I'm with You" print

"wake up and makeup" | perfect for your vanity or area where you do your makeup (mine happens to be in the office)

the fine art of staying in | currently in my Etsy cart just waiting to be purchased

SC Food Map | she has several other states as well (and other super cute prints as well)

Wifi Password Printable | our office will eventually double as a guest room so I think this would be super cute

Boston Skyline | these are so beautiful and she has several different skylines available in her shop


But First Coffee


Crystal Diamond Paperweight | on sale for $2.50 and so dang cute

fake plants | I mean real plants/flowers are good and all, but these ones don't die when I forget to water them.  Which let's face it is going to happen.  Target specifically has really cute options right now that are on sale.

Blue and Gold Stripes Wood Flush Mount | this would specially go well in our office because of it's colors.  But a fantastic price and Target have several decor pieces like this with different prints/pictures on the front if the blue-gold combo. isn't working for you.

Acrylic Letters | I'm debating to get a lone "T" or spell out office

rose gold acrylic stapler | I know the link says 10.99 but in store I know it's on sale for less.  And something that doubles as functional and decor is a-okay in my book.

PROTIPS |  keep your eye on the Target Dollar Spot.  They always have hidden gems that are $5 or less.  AND Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon on their app.

ps. TJ Maxx hardly ever has their stuff where you can link to it online, but it's a fab place to check out for some inexpensive decor.  

And that's it folks.  I am seriously so in love with how our office space is coming together.  I can't wait to share the finished product with y'all.  But we're getting their slowly but surely.  

Where is your favorite place to shop for home decor?

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