Eat Drink & Be Mary: F I V E on F R I D A Y


F I V E on F R I D A Y

Y'all it's a Friday.  Hallelujah.  And really I can't complain too much this week.  Instead of teaching, I'm at workshops today AND we have Monday off for MLK day.  As one of my fave bloggers would say, bless up.  Haha, but really thank God for a four(ish) day weekend because a day without students is basically a day off. ;)  Not to mention I got to sleep in an extra hour this morning.  

Anywayssssss, today I thought I would reintroduce what these Friday posts are all about.  Basically, there used to be a "five on Friday" link up several women hosted and you would share any five random things and link up to share and check out other bloggers posts.

This is still essentially that link up, except:
1. I never remember to actually link up
2. I'm thinking of trying to make a little twist on it and have these be all on the same theme each week...we shall see.

So let's dive in to this weeks five.

one // Camera Purchases
I currently have a Canon Rebel T3i and I have two lenses.  I know I have the 55mm that came with the camera, and I forget the other lens I have.  BUT I'm thinking off getting the 50mm lens in a month of two.  I basically want to get a lens with a lower f/stop than the one I currently have.   Any suggestions or tips y'all have for me?  

two // Banana Pear Bread
Something about this recipe reminds me of being home on a cold, wintery day.  If you like carbs and chocolate you'll love it.  

three // Currently in my Ulta Cart...
Thanks to my latest YouTube obsession, I am constantly watching makeup product reviews and tutorials.  And this leads to filling my cart.  SO I thought it'd be fun to share what's currently in my cart.  Let me know if I should (or more importantly shouldn't) buy any of the following products: NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (my favorite formula out of all the ones they offer) in "soft spoken" | NYX Cosmetics HD Finishing Powder in "banana" | Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer (but I can't decide what shade to get) | NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss in "cherry pie".  

four // Words to Live By

I think I’m in love with this design from the Silhouette Design Store!:

five // What's Next?
I have several posts currently in the works, but I wanna know.  What do you wanna see next?  Affordable cute clothes or my current everyday makeup routine.  I'm also working on some recipe posts but those take a little bit longer.  Leave a comment below with your vote!

Happy weekending y'all.  Make sure you're following along on insta and snap.

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