Eat Drink & Be Mary: A Countdown to Christmas Bucket List


A Countdown to Christmas Bucket List

Growing up my mom had this Santa that had 25 pockets.  Each pocket had a number counting down the days to Christmas and in each pocket was a TINY book to read.  Our own little version of an advent calendar.  

Thinking back on all my Christmas memories as a child, it inspires me to create new memories as a married couple and start traditions that will carry on as our family grows.  So this year, I've decided to make a list.  A list of Christmas activities to do throughout the season, to create memories, start traditions, carry out traditions we had in our separate families, and fully enjoy this season of hustle and bustle.  All while remembering the reason for the season.  An advent calendar.  A bucket list.  A Countdown to Christmas.  

Christmas Bucket List Ideas:

1. Watch a Christmas movie.
{check out these pins I found and am totally doing to add to our several movie nights: here and here}

2. Pick out your Ornament for the year.  
{last year we decided one tradition we would start was picking out an ornament each year.  I had already gotten one for 2014 when we got engaged, and we were gifted several "our first Christmas" ornaments last year.  I also, got one to represent us finally living together (LDR probs) in our new-to-us home.}

CONFESSION: I've already wrapped the ornament for this year for Thomas to open, and I've honestly forgotten what it was.  *face palm*

3. Christmas Wrapping Party.

4. Operation Christmas Child.

5. Pick out your Christmas Tree
{another tradition we've started is picking out our tree when we go to the mountains (my home) for Thanksgiving.  There's just something about being able to pick out your tree right from the farm and having someone cut it down--opposed to picking it out of a parking lot like Thomas was used to.  Growing up in the Christmas tree county I've never known anything other than picking out our very own fresh Christmas tree, and I'm excited to carry out this tradition for years}

6. Decorate the Christmas Tree while listening to Christmas music.

7. Make your own homemade hot chocolate.

8. Pick out a Christmas decoration to add to your collection.
{I have my eye on adding a piece to our Christmas village and light up deer to put in our front yard}

9. Bake Christmas Cookies.
{my personal favorite?  sugar cookies but I plan on making these as well.}

10. Make Gifts for your co-workers or your kids' teacher.
{several ideas I'm looking at: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }

11. Go look at Christmas lights.

12. Watch Christmas Vacation.  
{I know I've already mentioned watching movies, but this movie is our fave and it deserves it's own mention. What's your must watch Christmas movie}

13. Candle Light Service.

14. Chinese Gift Exchange with family or friends.

15. More Christmas Baking.
{recipes I plan to make: gingerbread cupcakes | Christmas rice krispies | chocolate peppermint truffles | M&M's Christmas cookie bars}
16. Build a Snowman.

17.  Get coffee/hot chocolate and walk around downtown.

18. Go ice skating.

19. Have a snowball fight.

20. Mail out your Christmas Cards.

21.  Have a game night, like this Christmas Carols Pictionary.

+ and which each day I plan on also reading a scripture verse.  there are literally TONS of lists out there already setup to read each day that I'll choose from, but the idea came from this pin.

Other Notes: 
+ Last year after Christmas I bought this advent calendar tree with the cutest little glittery doors to open as we count down.
+ Each day we'll open the door that'll have an activity to complete, movie to watch, or present to open.  I already have several Christmas movies recorded on our tivo (not to mention what on demand and netflix have to offer) as well as a few presents/chocolates wrapped for different dates.
+ The ideas above aren't our exact bucket list due to Thomas' work schedule some nights I'm on my own watching more Christmas movies ;), some of these things we've already completed (cutting down our Christmas tree and decorating it), and some things we'll just have to happen more than once.  Which leads me to...
+ I plan to share each night (on snapchat, are we friends?) the different activities we do.  
But in the meantime, share ideas that you and your husband/family enjoy each season in the comments.  I'm always looking for more ideas to add to this holiday season.
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