Eat Drink & Be Mary: Cheers to 25 Years


Cheers to 25 Years

Isn't it crazy how when we were teenagers we felt like 20 was so old, that you'd have everything figured out, and you'd totally be an adult by then.  Somedays I feel like I've got it all figured out, and then of course somedays I'm totally lost. 

Well as of Friday I'll be halfway through my 20s and lets just say being an adult isn't always as fun as my thirteen year old self imagined.  Cheers to 25 years, y'all.

And with every birthday comes a wish list.  I've really struggled with what I want for my birthday this year, mainly because I really want a new front door for our house and a dining room table.  #adulting  But alast I've come up with a couple things.  

Green Kimono c/o Romwe
Distressed Jeans | TJ Maxx
Sandals | Target (sold out)
Burgandy Criss Cross tee | Shein


Basically anything that is going to work in my fall wardrobe.  Like the kimono above.

Or more boots to add to my collection: like  these onesthesethese or these, please. 

Cold Shoulder Knitted Top, or this one.

"Coffee is my love language" mug.

"Sundays are for Jesus & football" tee.

This water bottle.

And now due to the hurricane that is approaching the east coast, I have the rest of the week off of school.  So I'm off to clean our house (before my parents show up for the weekend), be lazy and do a little online shopping.  Which of the things about should I purchase first?

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