Eat Drink & Be Mary: F I V E on F R I D A Y


F I V E on F R I D A Y

Y'all I feel like I'm totally in a groove showing up here and posting and be a good little blogger and all.  Go me. ;)  Ever since getting married, I feel like the consistency on this blog has been subpar.  But I'm ready to be back and dedicated and to build back up the sense of community that this blog had.
First up, that means that I'll be posting on a more consistent schedule.  I knew I needed to do that, and obviously posting everyday just hasn't been working.  But after reading this post from Erica, I knew I needed to stop wasting time and figure it out.  So from now on I'll be posting Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays; giving myself time to produce quality posts, and respond back to y'all because I love hearing from and connecting with all of y'all. 

Secondly, that means I'm going to work on creating more food posts for y'all.  They are definitely my favorite posts (although these house update posts are quickly rising), and from the feedback that I get from y'all they seem to be a favorite for you too.  Also, I do still have more wedding posts that I want to share so keep a look out there as well.
Lastly, what do y'all want to see?  What type of posts do you want to see when you type my blog url into the browser?  What do you want too see more of/less of?  Let me know.

Now, onto normally schedule Friday fun...

one // Florida Babyyyy
As of late last night, we have arrived in Florida for a long weekend with friends.  We will be soaking up the sun, watching lots of softball (its for the guy's softball team tournament) and eating up good food with Thomas' college roomate and his wife.  Bring on the sun y'all...

two // Office Makeover
In case you didn't see, earlier this week I shared our dining room reveal.  Taking my time, and really putting in time and effort to make over each room in our house is so so much fun.  Next up is the office.  On insta-stories I asked for help on what rug to get, and thanks to a labor day sale I scored this puppy for under $90.  I am so thrilled, and Thomas agreed to it.
leopard rug | Target

three // Lipsense
I've been blabbing on and on about lipsense on snapchat, and I thought it was about time I talked a little about it on here.  If you haven't heard, lipsense is a lip product that truly stays on ALL. DANG. DAY.  Y'all I've put it on at 10am and when I go to bed it's still staying strong.  It doesn't smear, get onto Thomas if a lay a big ole kiss on him, and I don't have to reapply the color.  Which is a total win because while I'm teaching I have literally no time to stop and reapply my lipstick.  I would suggest reapplying the gloss that comes with your starting kit to ensure the color lasts a little longer though, but only every once in a while.


TIPS: I will say it tingles for a couple seconds when you put the color on, but once your lips get used to it you're good to go.  Also, don't rub your lips together until the gloss has been on for a little while; I've just found it starts to peel if I rub my lips together if I don't have enough gloss on (only right after I apply) or don't wait a minute or two.
thinking of trying out lipsense?  contact my girl, Lauren >> here.

Also, suggestions on my next color?  I want either a nude or a fall (not to dark) color.  Right now I have Aussie Rose and the Glossy Gloss.

four // It's a Boy!
One of my best friends is having a baby y'all.  We were in each others' weddings, and it is just SO exciting to have such a close friend having a baby.  This stage of life is just so much fun!  I mentioned putting together a first time mama basket last month for this friend, and I got to take her pregnancy and gender announcement reveal pictures.  While I'll be sharing more of them later this month, here's a little preview...

five // Happy Fall Y'all
Fall has officially made its apperance in my home (have you seen my new mantle and bar cart on snapchat) and in my coffee -- hello, PSL!  Shortly, I'll have a post up of our mantle, and where I got everything because it is SO cheap and super cute.  But in the mean time, check out these Halloween/Fall inspired posts from the archives: Sweet and Salty Popcorn Mix // 15 Fall Date Night Ideas // Halloween Muddy Buddies // Glow in the Dark OREO Upside Down Mini Cheesecakes

Do you have any weekend plans?  Have you tried lipsense before?  Any tips for me before I dive head first into our office makeover?

Keep up with my weekend happenings on insta & snapchat.

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