Eat Drink & Be Mary: Dining Room Reveal [before + after]


Dining Room Reveal [before + after]

So funny story, not so funny.  

If you recall, it took me a while, but 8 sample paints later and I had decided a new paint color for our dining room.  I painted the majority of the walls and then Thomas went back and did the trim for me.  

Well, when he ran out of the gallon paint that we had bought he went to use the sample paint to finish AND turns out the paint they gave us DOESN'T match the sample paint I picked out.  ughhhhhh

I thought once I painted the walls that it looked a little more "bold" than I originally remembered, but once he put that sampe paint up it was confirmed and my heart broke a little bit.  

So needless to say, there are a couple things I still want to fix up in this little dining room space, but for the most part I'm totally in love.

But first, the before...

before we even moved in, excuse the iphone blurriness

after we moved in, some changes had already been done (I wish I had a picture from before those pictures were put up because they make a big difference for the first peek you get) but right before the big overhaul began

And now, the after...

I'm still trying to figure out how to style this bar cart, and would love to change out stuff according to season/holiday.  But currently I like the top level and the flowers.  Suggestions welcome!

When it's all said and done I'm totally in love with this space and how it turned out.  {see the mood board I created before I started redecorating in this post}  The bamboo shades were exactly what I had been picturing in my head, and I got them on a fantastic deal.  My mom came through and got us that mirror (also on sale), and it is literally perfect with the bar cart and shades.  

My sweet husband rigged up our light for me and I'm tickled pink with how well it turned out.  If you remember, I picked it up (almost a year ago) from Hobby Lobby for a total steal at only $40 -- most pendant lights are over $100.  Turns out it was a "lamp" made to plug in and then hang from a hook you'd place in the ceiling.  That wasn't going to work in here, and Thomas fixed it for me.  Such a good man that one.  

Now all that's left (beside the adjustments below) is to dream of filling this space with thousands of memories made by our family.  It makes my heart swell and overflow with all the feelings y'all.  

Product Resources //
Rattan Bar Cart | Target (sold out, similar)
Mirror | Target (sold out, similar)
Pendant Light | Hobby Lobby
11x14 Mat Frames | Michaels
Plant | TJ Maxx
Blinds | JC Penneys (awesome deal y'all)

Adjustments that still need to be made:

+ So yeah, we still have to officially decide if we're going to repaint the more subtle mint color (poolside 710A) or just get more of the paint color they gave us and fix the trimmed sections.  

+ We also, need to re-paint the white trim (and in the rest of our house as well).

+ I'd also love to get something to cover the door in this room that would go well with the bamboo shades that I found for the windows.  But I want something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  Any suggestions?

+ Lastly, I eventually want a new dining room table.  But I know that will be a little while (maybe by next summer?).
Next room?  The office.  I shared here the one corner that is straight perfection, and well everything else is literally piles and stacks of boxes and clutter.  Wish me look, and keep a look out for a mood board of all my plans.  
Happy Labor Day loves.  
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