Eat Drink & Be Mary: Organizational Tips for Small Bathrooms


Organizational Tips for Small Bathrooms

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Thomas and I have officially been married (and thus living together) for a year now. And even though we've been working on different rooms in our home, we are far from being "finished". But that's not to be confused as me complaining...I am LOVING decorating and making our house feel more like home. 

And as much as I love our home (mainly because it's our home), living in a 1940's home can get a little frustrating sometimes. Case and point? We have one bathroom in our home...yep you read that right ONE. Oh, and it's pretty darn small too. So today I'm sharing my organizing tips on how to get the most use out of a small bathroom.

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Put as little on the floor as possible.
When have little to no floor space, and that's honestly not an exaggeration.  See picture below for reference.  Anyways, there's literally room for a bathroom mat (so we don't slip and die getting out of the shower), a trashcan and a toilet bowl cleaner.  Anything else would simply leave NO room to walk.  

Store toilet paper in a cute, creative way.
Like I mentioned before we don't have room to put extra toilet paper on the floor.  So we organize them in a cute navy blue basket above our cabinet.  It's easy to access, matches the bathroom theme and helps organize our tiny space.  #praisehands

Baskets, Containers and Travel Bags.
Speaking of baskets...use them everywhere.  Whether its a basket or any other type of container, when it comes to inside cabinets or under sinks use 'em.  They guarantee your bottles, beauty supplies, and other objects that are in your bathroom will stay in place and organized.  We use travel bags for the smaller items (make up, hair ties, bobby pins), it keeps us from loosing them, and I can easily find my makeup everyday.  Not to mention the bags fit right ontop of the baskets holding everything else, taking advantage of that empty space and can be moved out of the way easily.  

Aesthetic Storage.
When you run out of storage area behind doors (what little we had to start with in the first place) finding pieces that are aesthetically appealing.  I have several small containers (that I got for $1) to store my earrings, bracelets, QTips.  Using my Cricut I added a couple decals on top and spruced them up a tad more.

And that's all she wrote folks.  All my tips for making the most of your small space.  And can I just say those people searching for tiny homes on those TV shows are seriously crazy??  

also, what is up with my braid =\

And since we don't have a ton of space, we make the most of it by filling it with products that'll will give us the most for our money.  And a must for my husband?  Not skimping on the toilet paper -- I mean can you blame him?  ;)  Lately, I have been picking up the Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch and it has been working like a charm (as in no complaints from le huband #praisehands).  Of course, I have requirements for my toilet paper too, as in not replacing the roll constantly and making the most of our small space.  Well, with the Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® mega pack the rolls last 4x longer than their regular rolls, so I don't have to replace the rolls over and over (cause we know the hubby won't).  

Everything in our bathroom (that I could find) is linked up in this post.

What are your organizing tips for small spaces?  Do you use travel bags for things other than traveling, or are we the only crazy inventive ones?  Have you tried Quilted Northern® yet?

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