Eat Drink & Be Mary: Tips for Staying Motivated & Healthy While on Vacation


Tips for Staying Motivated & Healthy While on Vacation

Y'all I'm currently writing this post while watching the ocean waves crash against the sand.  I'm in absolute heaven.  Also currently, my best friend is taking forever to get ready once again (if you saw my snap story the other night, you understand).  Although I am not sure I should be surprised, we've been doing this beach trip thing for the past 7 years and nothing has changed.  That girl cannot rush getting ready; I get beauty isn't pain it's just a really really slow moving turtle...
Like I said my best friends and I are at the beach again this week (making this my second, and hopefully not last beach trip of the Summer).  So I thought I'd share a couple short and quick tips for how I stay motivated, healthy and on my workout grind while on vacation.
confession: I had no plan for how many tips I'd be sharing just wanted to get all my thoughts down on "paper" and isn't it awesome when it comes out to be a nice round number?  #winning

one // get a workout buddy
My friends agreed to working out with me during our beach trip.  This means I have someone to go with me each morning to keep me accountable, make it a little more fun and I don't feel like I'm missing out of anything.
two // go first thing in the morning
I'm not always a AM work out type of girl (in fact it's rare that I ever am), BUT while on vacation it's good to knock it out first thing.  That way you don't have to worry about it the rest of the day, and you can't keep pushing it off until you've run out of time that evening.

three // reward yourself
Whether it's the fact that you have a nice cup of ICE COLD coffee waiting for you when you get back, the fact that you'll feel more confident strutting in your bikini later that day, or the simple fact that you've earned the total relaxation you're about to embrace for the remainder of the day soaking up the sun.  
four // shop healthier
When it comes to vacation meals go to the grocery store versus going out to eat for each meal.  Also, we opted to have healthy breakfast and lunch meals and not worry so much about dinner.  All about balance people.
five // quick + easy
Bring along something that is going to kick your workouts and healthy eating into overdrive.  But most importanty EASY + on-the-go friendly.  For me?  Right now, I'm drinking the shakeology shakes that come with the 21 day fix program.  For me this means I can shake up almond milk + shake powder on to the go and not waste anytime getting back to the beach.   I plan on drinking it for lunch (that's generally what I do at home too) and it's helping me achieve my goal of staying healthy, filling me up and curbing my cravings (hello, vacation indulgences...aka: we're thinking of getting ice cream tonight).

Most importantly?  Have fun.  You are on vacation and you deserve a break from the hustle and bustle of your every day life.  Whether you get 3 workouts in or 7 (or even just 1), I'd consider it a success.  And don't stress about it.  Vacation is all about relaxation and balance, y'all.  
Now about that relaxation...if you need me, you can find me by the pool.

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