Eat Drink & Be Mary: When you find a top for $10.99...


When you find a top for $10.99...

It's official, I am totally, 100 % Snapchat obsessed.  I am loving following y'all on there and getting to see a behind the scenes compared to the picture perfect aspect we all share (guilty) on Instagram.  Now don't get confused I am still an Instagram fan all the way; I'm just saying Snapchat is right up there with it.  

I love sharing stories with y'all on there (like my weird car washing experience, or lately all of my post-wisdom teeth chipmunk cheek selfies), quick and easy recipes and of course good deals I find.

And speaking of Snapchat (mary_timmerman) if you follow me on then you saw this Off-the-Shoulder White Lace Top I shared a couple days ago...and that it is only $10.99.  Less than $11 y'all, good quality and beyond cute.  

You know when I find a good deal I gotta share, so after your responses (on insta and SC, of course) I knew I had to share more details on here...

After being a part for a week (the longest since we've been married), Thomas and I were in need of some good ole QT.  Since we hadn't been to our favorite date night spot in over a month (compared to our weekly destination) due to beach trips and family coming into town, we headed over to Sakura and ate our body weight in Japanese goodness.  Our date night continued with Thomas taking some pictures for me (such a sweet man) and a solid binge watching of Scandal.

ps. I'm wearing a small and love the fit.  It's def. not intended to be a tight shirt and I love how loose and lengthy it is

This top (previously seen in my July Must Haves) is perfect for a Summertime date night.  I am loving the lace details, and how feminine I feel in an off-the-shoulder top with the cutest ties on the shoulders.  Paired with Jack Rodgers knock off wedges I bought last summer, and some jeans and I was set to go for our date night.  Not to mention my outfit immediately warranted a compliment from my sweet hubby when he saw me.  (insert blushing emoji)

dear little piece of hair...I despire you

Outfit Details \\
Off-the-Shoulder Top is from ROMWE.  I recently discovered this site thanks to a fellow blogger (Erica @ Coming Up Roses) and have fallen in love.  They have so many cute items for amazing details AND quality isn't sacrificed to get these products.  I have to admit at first I was skeptical but I am a firm believe now.  In fact, I already have another blog post in the works and four more items in the mail!  (shh, don't tell Thomas ;) )

Scalloped Hair Tie Cuff in rose gold is from The Bangle Bear.  A bracelet that holds your hair band?  Genius!  Thanks to Maegen @ The Modern Tulip who shared this product a while back.  I wear it practically everyday (as long as I leave my house).  I seriously have no restraint when it comes to a product that is not only cute but practical as well.  Oops! ;)

The Estée Edit The Barest Lipcolor: 05 In the Buff.  I've never been a girl to wear a lot of lipstick.  However, this little bottle of the perfect nude shade has totally changed my mind.  It is a hybrid between lipstick and lip balm, goes on so smooth, doesn't leave me lips sticky or dry.  I mean I don't think I could love a color more, you can expect to see this shade my lips very often.

Which do you prefer instagram or snapchat?  (leave your handles below, I'd love to follow along)  Are you a fan of off-the-shoulder tops?  Have you heard of ROMWE before?  Are you a nude lip kinda girl or a bright red/pink?  Where is your favorite place to have a date night with your hubby?

Happy Thursday y'all.  Cheers to blogging two days in a row. ;)

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