Eat Drink & Be Mary: Edisto Beach '16 [part 2]


Edisto Beach '16 [part 2]

The other day I realized I never finished my recap of our family beach trip.  You can see part 1 in this post.  
These type of posts are the reason I started this blog, and make me so so happy to look back on.  So here goes another beach picture filled post.
oh and before I go, tomorrow I'm getting my wisdom teeth out.  Y'all I'm dreading it.  I am the worst wimp and have practically no pain tolerance.  And I dread being only to eat soft, smushy food for at least two days.  All this complaining to say, please oh please send me your advice for suriving it all.  And follow along on snapchat (mary_timmerman) for what I'm sure will be a chipmunk-cheeked, entertaining couple of days.  Pray for me y'all.

I know it may not look like I missed much, but these were the family pictures, and I definitely want to have these to look back on.  Anyone else love documenting family memories on their blog?

Happy Monday loves.
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