Eat Drink & Be Mary: Edisto Island '16


Edisto Island '16

Every year Thomas and his family go on a beach trip to Edisto Island, and I've been going for the past four years (minus last year, none of us went, because well wedding madness).  It is the best place for a family beach trip.  It's not touristy, at all.  So quaint, and very family friendly.  

We get out there midmorning, come up for lunch, and go back until 5 or 6.  One night this trip, we stayed out on the beach until 8:30.  We cannot get enough of the beach y'all.  Thomas and I are beach bums at heart, and pretty much everyone in his family loves the beach just as much as us.  

At night we (and by we I mean not me) cooked different, easy meals, went looking for geotags (anyone else heard of this before), made icecream runs, had cornhold tournaments, went to the sound to go fishing and played pictionary.

Relaxation at it's finest y'all.  

And yet when we came back Sunday T and I were exhausted.  I'm pretty sure that had something to do with the cutest niece and nephews that joined us on said trip.  But they're cute, so its okay.  

And now for the pictures...

[click the link below to see more]

Until next year, see ya later Edisto Island.
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