Eat Drink & Be Mary: Don't Quit Your Day Dream


Don't Quit Your Day Dream

Don't Quit Your Daydream c/o Doc Shorty

Happy Hump Day my loves.  Today I'm here to share a couple quick things.  Then I'm off to pack for the beach.  Which I guess could be business item number one: Thomas and I are going to the beach with his family next week and I am so excited.  I swear I was meant to live at the beach.  Luckily, Thomas shares my love and I have a feeling our future will be filled with beach trips.

Number Two : Have you heard of The Home T?  Well they've created a new line.  Doc Shorty.  Same great material (I imagine similar to what cloud 9 actually feels like).  Still giving 10% of the profits to MS research.  Still made in the USA.  But they created this new line to inspire people and make them happy. 
Don't Quit Your Daydream does just that.  I mean a little inspiration on one heck of a soft tee and I'm sold.     

Number three : About that daydream talk.  It's made me start to consider what my daydream is?  Don't get me wrong I love teaching, but I am loving this Summer break to explore all of the hobbies I enjoy and pick up new ones.  I'm imagining a Summer filled with finally figuring out how to work my DSLR in complete manual.  (any tips...please, please!)  Redecorating our dining room.  And playing around and making different little projects with my cricut -- eek!

And that's all I have for this random filled Wednesday.  I'm off to the dentist (yuck!), and hopefully getting a good workout in (beach bound rememember!).  Have you ever tried a Doc Shorty tee?  What is your daydream?  
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