Eat Drink & Be Mary: Strawberry Almond Smoothie


Strawberry Almond Smoothie

Chemistry Cachet's strawberry almond smoothie! So healthy, energizing and delicious! 

 Hi Eat, Drink and Be Mary readers! My name is Alexis, creator of the lifestyle blog Chemistry Cachet! I love sharing healthy recipes, fun baking tips, and other little chemist tricks I have learned along the way! If you follow me on instagram, you have probably noticed my weekly array of smoothie pictures I share. The minute spring hits, I just love having smoothies for breakfast every morning through the warm months. It is the perfect way to get all the nutrients you need in one simple, delicious treat! Although I switch it up all the time, this strawberry almond smoothie has been my favorite one for the past few years! I've given this recipe to many of my friends and they are hooked! It's almost like a milkshake, and it is completely dairy-free, so it is perfect for anyone with dairy allergies.

Chemistry Cachet's Strawberry Almond Smoothie (1 large serving)

  • 1. 5 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 cup fresh sweet strawberries
  • 1 tbsp of almond butter
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • Honey for added sweetness (or stevia)
  • Ice
Directions: In a blender, mix all the ingredients and blend until smooth. I like my smoothies REALLY thick, so I add at least one cup of ice, but sometimes even two.  I also like mine a little sweet, so I add in about 1 tbsp of honey, but definitely taste the smoothie to see how sweet you want it :) You can totally add any other berries you love to this as well, but the strawberries pair so well with the almond milk and almond butter!

  Chemistry Cachet's strawberry almond smoothie! So healthy, energizing and delicious!

Chemist tip

Add in some homemade vanilla extract  or store bought (1/2 tsp) for a really nice, subtle vanilla sweetness! That really makes this taste more like a dessert! This smoothie is the perfect blend of healthy fats, protein and carbs so you don't have to feel guilty having this anytime of day :) Feel free to follow me on instagram for more recipes or on snapchat (username alexisroch) where I am always sharing some healthy baking tips :) 

Happy smoothie season!! p.s - we are offering sponsorship now, so come by and see what we have and use the code chemistry30 for 30% off ANY ad space :) 

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