Eat Drink & Be Mary: Instagram Round Up


Instagram Round Up

Instagram is easily my favorite, with snapchat running a close second.  Pictures have always been a favorite of mine (even before social media was a thing) and capturing memories is just priceless.  I love getting a look at your lives through Instagram (yes, I'm nosey like that) and seeing behind the scenes on snapchat.  

So I've rounded up a couple of my favorite Insta-pics from the past month to share with y'all on here.  And of course, if you aren't yet...follow me on instagram HERE

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Thankful to have grown up with you.  Thankful for the men and women who serve and protect our country so we can have the luxuries we do everyday.  Thankful for my real life hero.  -- I can't believe you are deploying for the 3rd time all too soon.  [3/3]

Date Night [3/5]

Products I'm loving lately.  [3/6]

When your date night ends up in Walmart [3/16]

Happy first day of Spring.  We officially have a live plant in our house, let's hope I can keep it alive.  [3/20]

I love what this space has become, how home-y it feels, the memories that have already been created here and the ones to come. [3/21]                                                                                                                                                    BLOG POST HERE

Rice Krispies Eggs {with a surprise inside} on the blog.  [3/23]                          BLOG POST HERE

when you're headed into a 3 day weekend [3/24]                                                                                          BLOG POST HERE

Happy Easter [3/27]

in love with my nook and completely wrapped up in another Karen Kingsbury book, Even Now.   any book suggestions for me?   [3/29]

nothing says I'm looking forward to Summer like a neon pair of leggings  [3/30]             POST HERE

sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart [3/31]

warm weather and smoothies, that's what Spring is made of [4/2]                      BLOG POST HERE

Coffee Break • loving this mug my parents got me from Paula Deen's Family Kitchen and I'm almost done with my second book in two weeks   [4/6]

spring v i b e s  •  #7in7Challenge  [4/6]

My exact jeans (that I scored for $17) and other products from this post linked below:

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