Eat Drink & Be Mary: F I V E on F R I D A Y


F I V E on F R I D A Y

TGIF y'all...not to mention its a "work day" (aka: workshops all day) so that's a bonus.  This has been one crazy week and I'm not going to lie I couldn't be happier it's Friday.  I have been a total slacker lately (read: since we got married) with posting, and I actually have lots of things to share.  Starting with an update of our mantle and gallery wall, that I didn't even notice I needed to share until I was working on #4 below.  Anyone else write their into last?  

Enough of all that babble, while I'm finally getting to writing all the posts I've been wanting to share I'm wanting to hear from y'all.  What do you want to read more of?  {recipes, wedding recaps, house updates, day to day, etc}

Now for our regularly scheduled five on Friday with September Farm & A. Liz Adventures.

ONE \\ Instagram Photo Challenge
If you follow me on Instagram {maryjean_xo} you know I love a good photo challenge, so I figured it was about time I help host one with some fellow bloggers.  I love seeing everyone's pictures, connecting with you all, and seeing the different twists everyone puts on their photo for each topic.  Join us won't you.

TWO \\ Kelly Clarkson | Piece by Piece
It's absolutely heartbreaking how many children grow up without a father figure in their lives.  Makes me cry everytime... (anyone else see her on Ellen yesterday?)

THREE \\ Firefighter Wreath
I recently found this wreath through Pinterest, and I am in love.  At $55 is more than I usually am willing to fork up for a wreath buttttt it's so perfect for our house.  This Spring/Summer we have plans to paint our front door, and I may just have to bit the bullet and get it then.  I mean come on y'all, just look at it...
Fire Fighter Wreath Burlap Wreath Fire Chief Fire House Wreath
wreath | The Whimsical Door
see more firefighter related pins on my pinterest board: Firefighter Family

FOUR \\ House Progress
Ever since we got married it has been a slow but continual work in progress to make our house feel like home.  {living room updates: mantle | gallery wall}  This week I shared on Instagram how big a difference paint, new light fixtures and refinishing floors can do for a space.  Our hallway isn't done, but I'd say that's pretty good progress right there!

FIVE \\ Nook
I've been eyeing the nook ever since Thomas got me this over tub caddy.  The nook would fit perfectly into the book section, is water proof, not to mention the ease it'll bring to packing for the beach or pool this summer.  I think I'm going to get the GlowLight Plus at the end of this month, but before I do...any opinions, suggestions or warnings I should know about??  Help a gal out.

So tell me -- are you a fan of instagram challenges?  do you have any nook suggestions?  have you heard the new Kelly Clarkson song?

As always keep up with weekend happenings on instagram {maryjean_xo} & snapchat. {mary_timmerman}

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