Eat Drink & Be Mary: What's In My Grocery Cart : Meal Planning


What's In My Grocery Cart : Meal Planning

Alright y'all, so I'm pretty darn excited about this week's Blog Challenge topic : What's In My Grocery Cart.  It makes me feel a little nerdy admitting that, but I'm pretty proud of what we've been getting lately and really interested nosy to see what else everyone else is buying.  Secretly hoping I can get some more healthier options to get each week.

I want to start this post out saying a couple things.  1 I do my grocery shopping once every two weeks.  2 We have a budget of $150.  3 I don't cook everynight of the week (and rarely on weekends) because of Thomas' work schedule. Excuse the awful quality pictures, but it was late and I was on a time limit (needing to get food in the fridge and freezer) and didn't wanna drag out the lighting equipment and such.  

Now let's get to this...

Sparkling Water (I gave up soda at the beginning of January)
Cereal (usually Cheerios and something else)
Banana Chips
Greek Yogurt
Flax Seed
Fruit (usually bananas, this week I got oranges and grapes as well)
Salad Dressings
Salad ingredients (dressings, spinach, eggs, croutons, cheese, cucumbers)
Coffee Essentials -- creamer, K-Cups
Various Frozen Vegetable Packs (to try for lunch)
Frozen Fruit for smoothies

*we rarely buy meat from the store thanks to deer season


There is of course a lot of regulars that make it in the cart each week, however, this week I also was restocking several things in our pantry -- sides (mashed potatoes and vegetables), vegetable oil, Crystal Light Powder, baking soda, mio)


Meal Planning -- Dinners for 2 weeks :
Alfredo Cheese Tortellini 
Sakura (not necessarily meal planning but we went out to eat at our favorite Japanese place this past Friday and it was delicious)


I recently gave up bread for lent and have been turning to other options for my lunches at school.  I've been eating a lot of soup, yogurt and string cheese.  But am totally open to some more healthy-ish ideas for my lunches.  

Now I wanna know, what's in your grocery cart?  What should I add to my weekly menu?  Do you have any healthy lunch options for me?

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