Eat Drink & Be Mary: Timmerman Party of 2: Meet the Bridal Party


Timmerman Party of 2: Meet the Bridal Party

Last week, I shared our bridal party pictures.  Y'all, we had the best bridal party and I LOVE the pictures we have with them from our favorite day.  So this week for Wedding Wednesday I want to share a little bit more about each of the people in our bridal party.  Short and sweet, but with several pictures as always.
How did you decide who would be in your bridal party?

MEET Carolyn | Maid of Honor
Carolyn and I are high school best friends.  Despite being 2 hours apart during our college years we managed to see each other all the time during the four (and a half) years.  She is currently in her last semester in law school, and her strive seriously amazes me.  She is definitely my favorite gal in all the land.  

MEET Heather | Bridesmaid
Heather and I met in college.  Two weeks into college we became inseparable and that remained until we graduated in December of 2013 and moved away from each other.  We were roommates all throughout college, and she is the closest I've ever had to a sister.  Despite living in separate states we do our best to still see each other often, and its as if we've never been apart.  Heather is currently a 6th grade teacher (like me!), and she inspires me daily to do the best I can at my job.

MEET Deanna | Bridesmaid
Deanna and I also met in college.  We both clogged (with Heather) and joined the same sorority.  We are almost always thinking the same thing, and sometimes I think she knows me better than myself.  Deanna got married this past September and I was in her wedding as well.  She is currently a Paralegal at a law firm in NC.

MEET Michelle | Bridesmaid
Michelle is Carolyn's younger sister, and throughout high school whenever we would hang out Michelle would always be there.  Shel was often my partner-in-crime while Care was busy making sure we didn't get into too much trouble, and driving us around to get McDonalds at 2am.  Shel is a go-getter and has a fiery personality.  She is currently in her last semester at Respiratory Therapy school.  That family is full of high achievers.

MEET Ashley | Sister-in-Law
Ashley is Thomas' oldest sister.  Like the rest of his family, Ashley has been welcoming from the very start.  She is also a teacher, but right now is fulfilling the greatest job there is in raising her 3 kids.  Two of which were in our bridal party (below).

MEET Audrey | Sister-in-Law
Audrey is Thomas' older sister, as well.  She is one of the most out going, competitive people I know.  Audrey is the assistant coach for the women's basketball team at Belmont Abbey College.  It's always inspiring seeing someone working towards their dreams and kicking butt at it.

my sister-in-laws
my favorite gals

MEET Tommy | Best Man
Tommy is Thomas' dad.  These two are truly something else.  They hunt together, fish together, play baseball together (until Thomas graduated college), and talk sports together.  I'm not sure I've met many father/son relationships quite like theirs.  

MEET Hudson | Groomsman
Hudson and Thomas went to high school together.  They played football and were always hanging out with their group of friends.  Even know when they get together it's as if they were never apart for college, talking sports and stuff country boys talk about nonstop.

MEET Brad | Groomsman
Brad is Thomas' brother-in-law, and is married to Ashley. 

MEET Coty | Groomsman
Coty and Thomas were college roommates and great friends.  Going to college with the both of them I got to see their friendship, and it truly can't be descrbied.  These two together are one-of-a-kind.  Coty recently got married in September and Thomas was in his wedding, too.

MEET Alex | Brother-in-Law
Alex is my youngest brother.  Alex is very outgoing, loves being outdoors and refuses to fit in any mold.  He is unique and prefers it that way.  

MEET Brian | Brother-in-Law
Brian is my oldest, younger brother.  He is a senior at ASU and is working on becoming a teacher as well.  He is a sports fanatic, independent and a firm believer in his beliefs.  


MEET the littlest bridal party members.  Hunter (ring bearer) and Hanna (flower girl) are our nice and nephew, and SO much fun to be around.  They are on-the-go, full of life and the BEST ring bearer/flower girl there ever were.

CONFESSION: As much as I love our bridal party pictures I will treasure these ones so much more.  Having a picture with each bridesmaid in my wedding is so important to me as our friendships will continue to grow throughout the years.  And I'm sure Thomas feels the same way about all of his men.  So there you have it the best bridal party around y'all...

family wedding gifts
flower girl/ring bearer gifts
bridesmaids gifts
bride's gift
groom's gift
tips + essentials for thank you notes
the girls getting ready
guys getting ready
our first look
the bridal party
MEET our bridal party
the bride and groom

Ceremony and Reception | Gambill Farm
Photographer | In a Mother's Eye
Videographer | Kiss the Bride Media
Florist | Desi's Floral Design
Cake & Dessert Bar | Ugga Mugga Bakery
Dress | New York Bride and Groom
DJ | DJ Harlem Entertainment
Bride + Bridesmaids Button Ups | The Preppy Pair

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