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Things I Spend My $$ On

Oh Monday we meet again.  But today I'm actually pretty excited because it means I'm that much closer to going home this weekend (hopefully, if the snow doesn't ruin my plans again) and because I've been really looking forward to this post.  I'm easily amused I suppose, but I've been dying to share with y'all what I spend my money on.  And mainly I'm s u p e r curious what everyone else spends their money on.
Join me in linking up with Sarah Emily Blogs or share what you've been spending your money on lately in the comments below.
THINGS I'VE SPENT MY $$ ON (this month):

+ Fitbit Flex : Academy (and 3 decorative bands)
To say I love my fitbit would be an understatement.

Younique Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation : My Facebook Party
After seeing all the videos on facebook of the "magic mascara" and "photoshop in a bottle" foundation, I bought the pressed powder foundation and love it.  
I'm not a huge makeup girl, and don't know how to do anything fancy.  But when I have a blemish I want something to cover it, and this weekend it has totally fit the bill.  I'm hosting a online party.  If you're interested in buying any of their products SHOP HEREor feel free to ask my any questions.

+ Desk Organizer : Target
+ Sugar Paper Blush Portfolio : Target
This is going hold all of our important papers and keep us organized (not to mention, how cute is it?!)
+ Letter Holder : Target
Can you tell I'm working on our office space and organization?  This is going to be part of the gallery wall in our office, but it's going to hold bills that need to be paid.  I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it.
+ Target Dollar Spot
This is my weakness of all weaknesses.  I've been stocking up with Valentines decor, office decor and "prize box" items all month long.  I love me some dollar spot deals!
+ Planner Stickers : Etsy
I've been dying to buy some planner stickers to spruce up my planner a bit, and these donut ones (and these weekly menu ones) are SO. DANG. CUTE. Now if only I could find a new planner that fits my needs.

+ Wifi Sweet Wifi Digital Download : Etsy
I've been working on our guest room, and this wifi print is cute and helpful.  Not to mention only $5.
+ Bath Tub Caddy : Bed Bath & Beyond
This is actually my anniversary present from T (that was in June), but we finally picked it up this month.  #lazy 
Shark Hand Vaccuum : Walmart
+ Fresh Flowers
A little mid-January pick me up.  Aren't they gorgeous?
So, what have you been spending your money on?  Do share.

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