Eat Drink & Be Mary: Christmas Traditions for You and Your Man


Christmas Traditions for You and Your Man

I've always been a girl who loves traditions!  Holidays and birthdays make my heart so happy because they're perfect times to embrace traditions and go all out in celebrating!  I've been married now for four and a half years and, in that time, my husband, Nate has realized that he just needs to go with the flow when it comes to my traditions.  He's wisely realized that it's totally not worth trying to change my mind about things like traditions.  He knows he'll lose.

Christmas Traditions For You and Your Man

During the past four and a half years Nate and I have had fun figuring out our own traditions and now we're bringing our one year old son along for the ride!

Are you looking for some ideas for you to do with your man to celebrate the season?  Here are a few great options that Nate and I love!


Go Out to View Christmas Lights
Whether you want to stay bundled up in the comfort of your car or want to brave the cold and go for a walk, viewing Christmas lights is a special time with your loved one!  I think it's absolutely romantic to drive around with hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music, and looking at the gorgeous light displays.  I'd highly recommend looking up the best decorated houses in your area and planning out a whole evening to visit them all.

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Go Christmas Tree Hunting
I'm a total advocate for chopping down your own real, live Christmas tree.  I know not everyone has the ability to do that where you live but, for those of you who do - especially those of you in the Pacific Northwest - there is no excuse!  Bundle up, head to the Christmas tree farm, and find your perfect tree!


Decorate Your Tree
After you've gone out to hunt down your perfect live Christmas tree (or even if you use a fake tree) it's such a special time to decorate it with your loved one.  String up the lights, place the ornaments one by one, and - of course - place the star at the top!  Maybe make this the year that you start getting ornaments with a meaning so that, in years to come, you can have fun remembering all the wonderful adventures the two of you have been on while decorating.


Kiss Under the Mistletoe
I'm sure your guy would be thrilled if you hung a mistletoe somewhere in your house and pulled him close each time you passed under it.  He may very well plant himself under that mistletoe just wanting for you to stop by!


Visit Santa
Have you been naughty or nice this year?  Either way, going to visit Santa is a great tradition to start with your honey.  Not only is it a great photo opp, it's a fun time for your man to hear what it is you want for Christmas without having to actually tell him.  Win-win, right?


Go for a Walk in the Snow
If you live in a place where it snows you NEED to make sure to go on a snowy walk with your special guy.  There's something so romantic about everything covered in a blanket of snow.  Everything is so quiet and, typically, there aren't very many cars or people out and about.  It's a perfect time to have a heart to heart chat with your love and we all know how special times like that are!


Bake Christmas Cookies
Christmas is the perfect time to bundle up at home and bake!  Get your kiddos involved (if you have them) and put some cookies in the oven.  If you're feeling a little frisky you could even start a food fight!  Times spent cooking together are so special to me!  When you're baking make extra sure that Christmas music is on in the background!

PicMonkey Collage

Go Ice Skating
We're not lucky enough to have an outdoor ice skating rink nearby.  If you are, that's definitely what you should do!  If you're not, look around and see if there are any indoor rinks!  Once you're skilled enough it's pretty fun to go skating around hand in hand with your man!

Your Turn:
What's your favorite Christmas tradition to share with your guy?

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